PieceX Selection of AI Products

Join the new Artificial Intelligence era! Embrace the advantages of implementing AI into your systems without hiring expensive AI Engineers.

Discover the endless possibilities

What can you do with AI products?

Have a smart comment section like "Youtube"

Toxicity Analysis
Be smart like the Youtube algorithm for the comment section and prevent insults and toxic behavior in your comment section. Reddit, Amazon, XBox, and most of the leaders in the industry use AI to moderate users comments or reviews to avoid toxic and language that can decrease the values of the brand. 

Use AI to monitor SNS like "Brand Mentions"

 Sentiment Analysis

Have you ever wondered how Social Mention analyses the positivity or negativity impact of your SNS posts? Now you can integrate sentiment analysis into your social media search tool, monitor, track, and measure what people are saying about your brand anywhere on the globe, in real-time.

Build a Facial Recognition system like Kairos

Facial Recognition 
Facial Recognition made easy. Now you don't need to pay for websites like Kairos. You can implement your HR systems with our Facial recognition solution.

Auto-Tag Images like Pinterest

Image classification
Elevate your Social Network or galleries like Pinterest by implementing image classification and object detection to automatically classify images. 

Our vision

AI for EveryOne

In PieceX we are very aware of the advantages that A.I provides to the improvement of services and systems. That is why we aim to incentivize the exchange and implementation of AI in the I.T world. At our Marketplace, AI Engineers can sell their products so Developers can easily implement AI without being Data Scientists or A.I experts.


Reduce costs

AI Engineers are among the most in-demand professionals in the I.T fields. Hence they are expensive and difficult  to hire, especially if you just need to implement a few AI features into your existing systems.  

By buying the source code pieces or systems you will save a substantial amount of money

Make your systems Smarter

The word is embracing AI, the future is smarter systems, websites, and apps.  More and more systems are globally taking advantage of the AI revolution. Having systems with the conventional approach into programming is not enough. Make your business more competitive and your systems smarter. 

Our selection of AI Products


Object Detection - RealTime

Use a pre-trained model to localize and identify multiple objects in a single image or using a Web Camera. Real-Time Web Camera detections! Upload a single image or multiple images and get predictions about the contents of the image. 


Facial Recognition and Detection

Ready-to-use code with User Interface for facial recognition and facial detection. Upload images and let the AI find matches for people.

Upload individual or multiple images at the time.


Sentimental Analysis

Understand the social sentiment of your marketing campaign on Twitter automatically.

Use AI for sentiment analysis to keep track of how your clients are perceiving your website or brand and SNS marketing campaigns without hiring a Data Analysis expert. 


Image Classification

Automatically classify images in real-time using AI with a pre-trained model in javascript. Upload your images and get multiple real-time classifications.


Toxicity Prevention - Comment Moderator

Keep your comment section clean and free of insults and toxic language!

Now you don't need to waste your time removing toxic comments in your comment section. AI moderators will automatically block any insults before the content is uploaded into your database.