Code Preview is now Code Insights!

We have completely redesigned our code preview and it’s better than ever.  We are thrilled to tell you that we have improved our code preview feature. 

Changes to the user interface

The new improvements come with a code editor UI and new options to see a sample of the source code and statistics of the source code to improve the user experience and allow buyers to see that your product is the real deal. 


More ways to showcase your source code

Offering a sample of the source code builds more trust and incentivizes sales.

No more back and forwards with potential buyers asking for samples or base codes!


Sample files

 See a sample list of the files included in your project. Click on them so see a sample of the code included in each file. 

Project file statistics

All sorts of relevant code-related statistics, file sizes, and programming languages. 


A more global vision of your code base. A tree-like view with the folders and subfolders included. 


Take a look at all the dependencies, external data, and packages included within the project. 

NOTE: These URLs may or may not be external dependencies for this product, such as APIs or other data sources.
If they are dependencies, the product will not function if these go offline.
Most of these URLs however are not direct dependencies.

You are in control

Don’t want to show your product code insights? No problem, you can easily request them to be removed from your product view: Just click on the button “ Disable code insights for this product” located at the code insights and your product will no longer show its code insights. 


Common questions regarding the new code insights. 

If you have any comments or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

How do I access the code insights?

To view the code insights of a product, please visit the product page and click on the button “Code Insights” located below the main image of the product. If the button is not displayed, the code insights might not be yet available for that product or the seller has disabled the code insights. 

Will my product include the code insights?

All the products will include code insights, with the exception of products with active NDA. If you do not wish to show the code insights of your product, you can disable it by clicking on the button “Disable code insights for this product” located at the code insights and your product will no longer show its code insights. 

How are the code insights generated?

We use our proprietary technology to automatically generate the code insights of the products. The code samples are selected at random and it will show some sample sections of the source code. Please allow a few days for the code insights to be shown on your product page. 

When will the code insights for my product be available?

For new products, the code insights are generated after your product has passed the quality inspection. Please allow a few business days for the inspection to be finalized.

Can I disable the code insights for my product?

Yes, to do so please click on the button “Disable code insights for this product” located at the code insights.  

My product has an NDA, will it show the code insights?

No. All products with active NDA will no show their code insights.