Cryptocurrency Modules

If you want to start or enhance your business with cryptocurrency technology, the best way is to find one of the many cryptocurrency modules on PieceX.

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PieceX modules integrate with your business and realize your use-cases

portfolio solutions

Portfolio systems are becoming more and more popular and necessary as the cryptocurrency takes a foothold of people’s and business interest.
Since cryptocurrencies do not rely on market times, everything updates 24h all day.

payment integrations

Accept or execute payments using cryptocurrency in your business. Many solutions will help you do either of this act and integrate easily with your established tool chain.
Or simply enhance it with advanced features.

Crypto exchanges

Creating cryptocurrency exchange has never been more useful and lucrative. From taking fees to enabling instant exchange and easy transfers of any currency you choose to support.
Shape the financial future.

Module integrations

Every item on PieceX is built to be easily integratable with your existing code base and tool chain. Use core functionality to built your UI and UX around it, use and adapt the UI it comes with, plug it into your backend systems, interface with your established processes, the options are numerous.

Some solutions require to run a node of the crypto in question, while other rely on third party data. Pick and choose whichever you think fits your needs the most.

What can you do with PieceX modules?

Cryptocurrency payment processor like BITPAY.
As commerce adopts more and more cryptocurrency transactions, more payment processors anc competition will be needed.

Cryptocurrency exchange like BINANCE.
Currently one of the most useful, lucrative and most used application is the cryptocurrency exchange.

Crypto ecommerce platform like OPENBAZAAR.
Start your ecommerce platform aimed and integrated with cryptocurency in mind as the market continues to grow.

Why use blockchain?

Blockchain and cryptocurrency is going to revolutionize and disrupt the entire financial industry in due time, because of it’s inherent superior technologic premise.



Blockchain technology enables transactions to be completely irreversible, non-custodially, no central authority, trustless.
This means all participants can rely on the fact that all funds stay where they are, unless the owner decides to move them.
No sudden uncontrolled charge backs possible.

Fast and Global

Cryptocurrency knows no geographical borders or jurisdictions, it lives on the internet. No difficulties in transferring money to anybody. No matter who the sender and receiver is. Even at its slowest, a slow cryptocurrency is still a magnitude faster than the traditional banking system.
Some of them specialize in speed.

Guaranteed Security

Inherently cryptocurrency works by network consensus. Once a transaction is in the network and gets confirmed enough times, the network will propagate this reality and deny any changes to it. The result is nothing can be reveresed, meddled with or otherwise manipulated. Security problem can only arise at the endpoints.

PieceX offers the modules and pieces you need to built your custom solution.
Integrate your business and your toolchain with the blockchain today!


Create your own cryptocurrency

Creating and integrating your own cryptocurrency or ticker of an existing one has never been more straight forward. To date there are thousands of cryptocurrencies, the majority of them being profitable to the creators. Jump in.

Selection of Cryptocurrency products on PieceX

Java Module - Connect to Blockchain

This project gives you an easy entry into using Bitcoin via Java.
Supplied is a template class using the library called BitcoinJ. The template will make it easy for you to set up bitcoin, initialize it and run common tasks using the supplied methods and example classes.
The code supports wallet management.

BitcoinCash Address Generator

This project is a codebase to generate BitcoinCash addresses, their private keys and all in a nice UI that also displays QR codes, features a printing function and
convenient links to check balance.
Super Easy way to generate as many addresses as you need.

C++ Bitcoin Node Connector

This C++ code base is meant for merchants, payment systems and other Bitcoin node operators.
If you are a serious bitcoin user, like using them for payments, it is heavily recommended to run your own node to ensure your own transactions.
So this code is meant to interface with your running bitcoin node.