What’s the biggest change made by COVID-19 in our lives? While keeping the obvious hazardous health effects aside, it changed the way we communicate and interact with each other. Is it too hard to believe? Just look at the current lifestyle of an everyday office goer:

  • Wake up and check the mobile phone
  • Finish all the chores and open up the laptop to check for mails
  • attend office meetings through Skype or Zoom
  • Set up the online education portal for children
  • Buy groceries from Amazon
  • Check news on twitter
  • Scroll through Instagram and Facebook
  • Connect with friends on a WhatsApp video call
  • Watch shows or movies on Netflix or Prime

Online, which was once just a part of a normal life has now become a fully dependent source of livelihood- all because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Millions of people around the world are stuck inside their homes with no concrete idea of when things will get back to how they were.

App Industry post COVID-19

Experts predict that many people will stick to their homes even after the pandemic settles and prefer buying things online. This will shape the online app industry, paving the way for a large number of mobile and web apps.

The pandemic might have kept people physically apart, but various apps have helped us keep in touch with each other- Thanks to technology. However, as the number of people using online apps is rising, it is always better to come up with new apps with optimized solutions.

The internet is becoming more and more important. People are looking for apps that could make their lives easier by staying home. There are various large organizations already working towards optimizing / building new apps in order to stay ahead of the pandemic.

PieceX for You – Enterprise Solutions!

You ought to have a great app idea but limited coding skills as you might not be a techie. If code is the only hindrance to implementing your idea, PieceX is the right place for you to bring your idea to life.

PieceX offers Enterprise Source Codes for business companies. It helps SMEs and entrepreneurs to set up and expand the business like Uber, Ola, Swiggy, Spotify and more- cut down your app development time and rapidly set up your new business with the ready to use source codes and customize freely as per your business need.

Some of the enterprise templates available at PieceX are:

1. Delivery App with Source Code (https://www.piecex.com/products/Delivery-App-with-Source-Code-1137): This app offers a complete solution to delivering all the essential items- from food, groceries to medicine. This app is developed for enabling better delivery services.

2. Uber Clone Taxi Booking System (https://www.piecex.com/products/Uber-Clone-Taxi-Booking-System-with-Panels-1047): This is the best Uber clone app available in the market. It is an advanced platform that enables businesses to start their ride-hailing business online.

3. Almafraa All in One Services Market Place App (https://www.piecex.com/products/almafraa-All-in-One-Services-Market-Place-App-For-All-Kind-of-Home-Services-674): Almafraa is a complete solution for services marketplace. You can customize the source code as per the services you offer. The app includes an admin panel and database.

4. ProPlacement (https://www.piecex.com/products/ProPlacement-628): ProPlacement is a solution built for insurance companies. ProPlacement handles various types of investments: Securities, Receivable account, Short-Term Bonds, and Monetary investment.

You can go through the various Enterprise Solutions offered by PieceX at https://www.piecex.com/homes/enterprise, build and expand your business.

If you or your company is developing enterprise solutions and looking to sell the source code to generate revenue, PieceX is the right platform where you can earn additional income. Your earnings will start to exponentially increase as the code starts selling.