There is an obvious difference between becoming an affiliate and becoming a Sales Agency for PieceX. The Sales Agency program is centered towards large companies and sales agencies (as the name suggests).

It targets those who are actually going to put effort in selling PieceX products for the purpose of making revenue for their agency and themselves.

The method to becoming a PieceX Sales Agency is pretty straightforward, but let’s walk through it and see how to become a PieceX Sales Agency.

Step 1: Visit Sales Agency Program Page

How To Become A PieceX Sales Agency

To become a sales partner, first thing you have to do is visit the Sales Agency Program Page. This page allows you to sign up and to scroll down to understand all there is that you need to know about becoming a PieceX Sales Partner.

If you still don’t have a PieceX Account, you will have to create one first as all the tracking of sales will be on that account and so it will be important to do so.

How To Become A PieceX Sales Agency

You will come across this section that shows the earning system of the sales agency which is different from that of the Affiliate Program.

Just make sure to scroll thoroughly through it in order to understand exactly how it works before Clicking on “Select Widget” or continuing with the process.

After you sign up and verify your email, in the background, the PieceX Admin will approve your account to become a PieceX Sales Agency.
After becoming PieceX Sales Agency, you will earn 5% of each sales made by your referral.

Step 2: Register As Affiliate

How to become piecex sales agency

Furthermore, you will be taken to this page. As soon as your account gets accepted as a Sales Agency (Which is quick), Registering as an affiliate automatically makes you a Sales Agency and you will be bound by the reward system of the sales agency rather than that of an affiliate.

Step 3: Access Dashboard

How To Become a PieceX Sales Agency

You will then be redirected to the Affiliate Page. This page gives you the ability to track your metrics as well as gain access to the Affiliate link, which is a the link you will use to make sales for your Sales Agency Program.

Same as the affiliate program, here is a break down of the things available on this page:-

Affiliate Link

You can share and distribute this affiliate link on social media as well as in your business network. Whenever any company/user creates an account using your affiliate link or makes a purchase, it will be attributed to you as per our business terms.

In case someone makes a purchase using the above referral link: 10% of the sales amount for the first purchase will be rewarded to you.


1. Online User Clicks: How many users have clicked on your Sales Agency link.
2. No. of Purchases: Number of purchases on PieceX using your Sales Agency link.
3. Rewards Earned: Amount of rewards earned.
4. Pending Rewards: Total amount pending to be transferred to your bank account (or any other
payment method).
5. Registered: Number of users who created an account using your Sales Agency Code.

How To Become A PieceX Sales Agency

You can also gain access to the network of users who made purchases using your link through the PieceX Dashboard.

Step 4: Install Widget

How To Become A PieceX Sales Agency

Afterwards, you will be able to install a widget. You can use PieceX’s unique Widget Maker and make your very own colorful widget to fit your website or your platform. It is statistically proven that using widgets grants a much higher range of sales and so, the PieceX Team recommends using one.

You can select different types of Widgets and copy/paste the HTML code in your website as highlighted above.


Becoming a PieceX Sales Agency/Sales Partner is one of the better way of utilizing PieceX to make revenue. The PieceX Platform is a free marketplace that encourages trade, be it source code and software component trading, or making sales through digital business means.

PieceX helps users monetize their code and as well helps sales agencies and sales partners monetize their sales abilities.

With constant sales, you can utilize this window to earn 5% of every sale making up a high amount of revenue, especially with enterprise products.