You’ve followed the previous tutorial for Buying Software Source Code and purchased the Source Code you need. A while after you start developing it, you thought that it would be much faster to get some help from someone who knows all the ins-&-outs of the source code you purchased AKA the developer of the source code themself.

PieceX allows you to communicate with the Software developers of the source code on its platform and allows them to opt to offer support for their source code.

In this tutorial, we will walk you through the very simple steps of requesting support for the source code you purchased on PieceX.

Step 1: Make Purchase From PieceX

Your first step of the process is to purchase a product from the PieceX Marketplace.

In order to get support for your product, you must make sure that you purchased it from the PieceX and that the product has validity for support from the developer.

If you are not sure where to purchase Software Source Code from PieceX, you could go to the browse section here!

Step 2: Go To Purchase History Page

How To Request Support For Software Source Code

Once you purchase your software source code, you can head over to the Purchase History page and check if the seller provides support for his product.

If he happens to offer support for the product you have bought, you will be able to see the “Request Support” Option.

Step 3: Click On Request Support

How To Request Support From Seller on PieceX

Once you click on “Request Support”, you will be taken to the Request for Support Page where you will be required to fill out a small form.
The form includes the Type of Support that you are seeking and the options should be one of the following:-

  • UI or Design Issues: This refers to potential issues with the UI or things that you need help with relating to the UI or design of the product.
  • Questions To The Seller: This refers to any questions you may have to the seller in relation to the organization of the code or any general inquiries you may have.
  • Assistance With Issues or Bugs: This refers to help with debugging or issues within the code itself.
  • Implementation/Configuration: This refers to configuring the code or implementing something specific as an extra to the already pre-existing code.
  • Others: This refers to anything else not mentioned here.
  • Extended Support: This refers to support for extended period of time that the seller/software developer provides. It is a new time-gated feature that allows for optimum timely support.

You will then be requested to also add a Message to the seller. In this portion you should make sure to include all the details of the kind of support you are requesting from the seller as well as what you anticipate from them.

Step 4: Access Chatting Window

How To Request Support From Seller on PieceXAfter you fill out the appropriate details, you will be redirected to the chatting window. In this page you will be able to access any kind of messages you send to or receive from the seller of the product.

Once you get a message from the seller of the product, you will be immediately notified in your notifications and you can use this window to communicate with the seller and ask your questions.


Aside from the fact that all software source code on PieceX is 100% inspected by our QA team, requesting Support is one of the most important features that PieceX has to offer. It serves as a trust guarantee that you can reach out to the developer of the source code and that you won’t’ be given a source code project that is not within the highest of standards.

With that said, you can learn more about how to use PieceX features from the PieceX Tutorial Knowledgebase!