This blog post will give you an understanding of how to sell an android application with well-structured documentation and will guide you into uploading your item. If you require further assistance related to how to sell source code, then please contact us via Our Support Contact form.

Prepare your source code.

Although we all know basic Android project structure, often the question that comes in mind is “what could be the best code structure that we can use in almost all our projects to make our code more structured, reusable and manageable, and most importantly:  make it easier for the buyers to modify and navigate through.

First, make sure that you structure the packages either by Android components or by features, but don’t mix between the 2 structures so it’s uniform and easy to understand. In case you are using some kind of design patterns, like MVVM or  MVP, then structure the packages as the design pattern best practices do.

In case you use third-party services or libraries make sure that all the configuration API keys are included in the same place/ file (if possible). Creating a collection of API keys will allow a buyer of an Android app source code to manage them all at once and change them from the same file.

Include comments and TODOs into the code. By distinguishing between a todo comment and a usual comment, the buyer of your source code will be able to find the things that he/she needs to configure or input more easily.

Test your app and monitor your app performance. You should also try to test it on multiple devices and emulators. Nobody wants to see bugs in code that is new to them. The more you test it the more you will receive good reviews as a seller and that can help you close more sells easily.

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Prepare docs and assets

You need to prepare a set of copywriting and assets for your app listing.

  • Product Title.
  • Product Description.
  • “How to use” description. You can make a full how-to-use and how to configure document as pdf or other text format and add it into the downloadable zip file for a more detailed description and instructions about your product.
  • App demo. We recommend that you publish a demo app into the Google Play Store and add the link of the app into the Live Preview URL field.
  • Screenshots and graphics: android apps get very well reflected by the screenshots so including 1 to 5 screenshots of the app will boost up your sells and your views.
  • Code source into a Zip file. Please compress your project folder containing the code source into a Zip file. You may also want to include any useful documentation pdf into it.
  • 80% 80%

Post your source code/item

Please fill all the sections properly. This will allow other users to understand very quickly what your product is about, and analyze if it fits their needs. The “Genre” and “Language” fields are very important as they are used to filter the user’s searches.

Feel free to add images of your code or of the UI (if any) to make it more attractive to other users. Please compress your source code and documentation into the .zip archive before posting it.

Please refer to the checklist to get yourself ready to sell.

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