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10 Trending Android App Templates and Apps in 2020

10 Trending Android App Templates and Apps in 2020

There is always a big advantage in using existing app templates as they allow you to complete your work faster because most of the programming work has already been done for you. So, all you need is to build the app as per your needs. Are you looking for a productive development journey in 2020?...

How do the payments work?

Congratulations! Your source code has been sold! You got your confirmation email and your notifications. Now, what is the next step? What can you do to ensure prompt payment for your product? First, to sell in PieceX you need to provide a valid mobile number and...

PieceX AI Dynamic Price

With PieceX  you do not need to have advanced knowledge in software cost estimation to get a fair price for your hard work. Our algorithm designed with Artificial Intelligence will do the job for you.  Our AI takes into consideration your price valuation.The right...

How to get more sales on PieceX

In this blog, I want to share with you guys and girls how to get more sales out of your source code. If you are trying to sell a plugin, an app template, scripts or any kind of code base project. Here's what you need to do if you want to grow your income via selling...

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