IoT Hardware & Source Code Solutions  

PieceX for IoT aims to make hardware easier to use by increasing the amount of peripheral software in the market. Integrated with the source code marketplace, at PieceX for IoT you can find solutions for devices, hardware, and source code for your IoT solutions.

The source code products are available for immediate download after purchase and the hardware products are available for purchase from our IoT hardware partners so that you can start easier.

You can sell your IoT Software on PieceX to earn recurrent revenue or list your IoT Hardware on PieceX to increase your product visibility and get new customers.


Guided tutorial to sell IoT Source Code or IoT Hardware at PieceX

Sell IoT Source Code

Guided tutorial on how to sell and manage your source code for IoT. 

Sell IoT Hardware

Guided tutorial on how to add/list your IoT hardware product into the marketplace .

Buy IoT Source Code

Guided tutorial on how to buy source code for IoT. 

Buy IoT Hardware

Guided tutorial on buy IoT hardware products.

 Selling IoT source code 

Guided tutorial to add an extended support plan to your source code products at PieceX.

You can submit your IoT software product by following the product selling process or accessing the option “Sell IoT Software”. On the product sell page, please make sure to check the option of PieceX for IoT. You’ll be able to link an applicable IoT hardware from our marketplace.

Updating existing products “My products”

If you already have your source code IoT products, you can edit your existing source code by visiting “My products“.

To identify your product as PieceX IoT, just check the option “This is an IoT source code product”. It will display the list of available hardware products. Please select the applicable hardware for your source code. 

Manage your related IoT Hardware products

Authorized IoT hardware providers can tag their products as source code products if the source code is related to the hardware.

As a source code seller, you will receive an email notification that a provider has added their hardware to your source code.

Hardware products tagged by users other than the original seller will present the message “Is this hardware product related to your source code? Yes No”.

To manage your product’s related IoT Hardware section, log in with your account and visit your product’s page.

If you agree that the hardware is related to your product click “Yes“.

If you think that the hardware product is not related or applicable to your source code, you can reject the source code by clicking “No“.

Add a new product

To add a new IoT source code product, please visit “Sell IoT Software” 

    Upload Your Project

    To start selling software source code on the PieceX marketplace, you will need to list it first. The process to upload your project may be the trickiest part, however, we will go through it together and simplify it as best as we can.

    Uploading a Project is a 2-Part process. The first part will be uploading the details of your project.


    PieceX Upload Project Details in order to sell software source code


    Let’s take it to step by step so as to not get confused by any of the requirements for listing the project:-

    Source Code Title: This simply implies the name of the Project, and what title will be viewed later by buyers when they browse for products or see it.
    Source Code Description: In this section, you will try to describe your Source Code, what it is, what its used for, what platforms it applies to, etc..
    Source Code Features: Make sure to list the features of your project itself, its functionality, what kind of unique options it has, how customizable is it, etc..

    To identify your product as PieceX IoT, just check the option “This is an IoT source code product”. It will display the list of available hardware products. Please select the applicable hardware for your source code. 

    Tags: You may then add Tags that are relevant to your project. Most likely, you will find the tag you think describes your project best already there, but if not, you can write down your tag name and add it to the PieceX Directory.
    Programming Language: You will have to select the programming language/s that are applicable in your project, however, you may not add your own.
    Live Preview URL (Optional): Make use of this field to add a URL of a live preview of your project and how it works if you so choose. Projects with Live Preview URLs have a higher Sales Rate than other projects.
    Video URL (Optional): This field is also optional, any video relevant to the software source code you are selling is applicable here. Projects with Video URLs also have a higher Sales Rate than other projects.
    Primary Image: The primary image is the cover image that appears as a display to your project in the Marketplace, it is important to upload a good well-designed Primary Image as it affects the general outlook of the project. If you have hardship with that, you can use the PieceX Image Creator to assist you with that. (Read more about it here)
    Sub Image: This includes images that come alongside the Primary Image appearing when someone visits your Product Page.

    Once you are done filling out all the required fields, you can then choose to either continue to the Publish Page of the project by clicking “Next” or if you choose to come back later, you can click on “Save Draft” and it will be saved in the “My Products” Page on your Dashboard, easily accessible to you at any time to continue with the publishing process.


    If you are ready to sell your software source code and you click on “Next“, you will be moved to the “Publish” Page as it appears below:-

    Publish Page PieceX Sell Software Source Code

    Now comes the final step, which is uploading the necessary files in order to sell software source code on the PieceX Marketplace.

    User Guide Document:-

    This document is an essential addition in the PieceX Marketplace. It is a document that you need to upload to give out all the necessary information about your code that a user needs in order to be able to utilize your code. You may download a sample user guide to use as reference and the document you upload must be in PDF Format.

    You can also read more about how to create a User Guide Here.

    Upload Item:-

    As simple as it sounds. In this section, you will simply upload your software project. Make sure it is less than 450 MBs and make sure to upload it in .zip format. Be careful to take a big look at your code before listing it as to pass the inspection process of PieceX’s QA team.

    Free of Charge: Checking this box means your Software Project will be listed for free.

    Price: Make sure to put down how much you value your product and PieceX’s dynamic AI Pricing will study the market, and optimize your product’s price regularly as to allow you to gain the most amount of profit from it as the market fluctuates.


    Sell Software Source Code

    After you are completely done with the Publishing process, you can then click on “Publish“. Once you do, your product will go through PieceX’s QA Inspection process, and then it will be published onto the PieceX Marketplace and ready for sale.

    To learn more about the process of uploading a source code product please visit our detailed tutorial:

     Selling IoT Hardware.

    Guided tutorial to list your IoT Hardware products at PieceX.

    You can list your hardware IoT product by accessing the option“Sell IoT Hardware”. After filling in the specifications, your product will be sent to PieceX for approval.

    We will contact you to inform you of the approval process results and when your product listing is available in the marketplace.

    Please notice that PieceX will not store or host your products, you will need to have your e-commerce website where users can buy your products.  You will be responsible for the delivery, warranty, purchase, and other activities related to the physical product. To learn more about our terms of service, please visit “Terms of service PieceX IoT

    1. Visit “Sell IoT Hardware”

    To start listing your IoT hardware for sale at PieceX, please log in to your account and click on Sell IoT Hardware. You can easily locate the option in the main navigation menu “Sell”->”Sell IoT Hardware”.

    Please notice that all sellers at PieceX are required to provide the following information:

    • Date of birth
    • Mobile phone verification
    • Email verification
    • Address

    You can update your account information at “My account“.

    2. Add your IoT Hardware

    If you haven’t added your company’s information, the following message will be displayed. Please add your company’s name, company website, and a company overview. 

    These fields will be displayed on your IoT product page so that users can contact you and know more about your business. 

    To start listing your product, please fill out the following form. 

    Make sure to include a complete description and a good primary image, this image will be displayed on the product browsing page. 

    Additional images will make your product listing more appealing to possible customers. 

    After filling the required fields, click on “Continue” to advance to the second step. 



    In step 2, please provide all the device specifications, including architecture, I/O interfaces, application, power, silicon vendor, network connectivities, availability or region, data sheet (technical specifications as a link), and purchase URL.

    The purchase URL is the direct URL to your website where the users can buy the IoT Hardware. Please make it specific to the current product, not your public company’s website.

    After agreeing with our terms of service please click “Submit” to add the product.

    All IoT Hardware providers and their product listings need to be approved by PieceX. Therefore, the product will not be immediately available in the marketplace. Please allow a couple business days so that PieceX can review and approve your submission.

    We will send you an email when the product is approved or rejected.

    3. Manage your IoT Hardware products

    To manage your IoT Hardware products, go to your dashboard and click on “My products“.

    To view, your products click on the tab “IoT Hardware”.

    You will be able to edit, view, and delete your IoT Hardware products.

    4. Associate your IoT Hardware product with a source code product

    After approval, your IoT hardware product will be listed at “PieceX IoT” -> “IoT Hardware”. 

    At PieceX we offer IoT software source code. 

    Please visit the IoT software section by clicking on “PieceX IoT” -> “IoT software”, to check if a current source code product is applicable or related to your IoT Hardware product. 

    To promote sales and synergy among IoT software products and hardware products, each IoT product shows a list of related software or hardware available in the marketplace. 

    If you think that your hardware product is related to an IoT source code product. Please click on “Add related IoT hardware product”. 


    A list of all your available hardware products will show up, please click on “Associate product” to associate a hardware product. 

    Please notice that the source code seller has the option to remove or approve the product relation if they consider that their source code is related or not to your hardware.  


    Buying IoT  Hardware.

    Guided tutorial to purchasing IoT hardware at PieceX.

    To browse the current catalog of IoT Hardware products, please visit “IoT Hardware“. 

    You can easily locate the option in the main navigation menu, “Buy” -> “IoT Hardware”. 

    When you click on the hardware product page, it will show the device specifications, including the provider’s information, the datasheet, and purchase options.

    Please notice that products listed as IoT hardware are to be bought using an external website from the PieceX IoT Hardware provider. PieceX is not responsible for the contents of the external website. 

    The purchase of the physical products made through an external website is delivered and maintained by the external website, PieceX IoT Hardware provider. Refunds, complaints, and all the sale process is managed solely by the external website, PieceX for IoT Hardware provider. As such PieceX is not responsible or liable for the transactions made outside of the website

    Each PieceX IoT hardware provider is responsible for setting the prices of its own products.

    For more details please visit our Terms of service for PieceX IoT.

    Buying IoT source code.

    Guided tutorial to purchasing IoT source code at PieceX.

    Software source code is one of the most in-demand products in the software industry. According to various statistics, it has been determined that owning ready-to-use software source code can cut down development time and cost by up to 80%.

    PieceX is currently one of the top marketplaces that can be used to buy software source code. The marketplace has a massive library of Software components and products, all spread between different categories and industries.

    Buying Software Source Codes can be relatively challenging, so, the PieceX team will take you on a quick walkthrough on how to buy software source codes from the PieceX Marketplace.

    Step 1: Go To “Buy Codes”

    Click on Buy Code - Buy Software Source Code on the PieceX Marketplace

    The first step of the process is simply to click on “Buy Codes” from the PieceX Homepage. You can also simply press here.

    This will take you to a page in which you can browse the wide variety of software source code listen on the PieceX platform by thousands of sellers.

    Step 2: Navigate IoT Source Code Product Catalog Page

    Click on Buy IoT  - Buy it Software Source Code on the PieceX Marketplace

    To buy software source code, you will need to know what kind of source code you need for what industry. Having an idea of what you want to purchase will most definitely help you pick the correct software components for your project.

    On the product catalog page, you will have access to tons of different projects which you can filter by industry, programming language, and tags. This filtration system will help you view and buy software source code most relevant to you.

    You also have the option to use the above search bar in order to search for the kind of project you want and you will get relevant results among all the software source code listed on the PieceX Marketplace.


    Step 3: Go To Product Page

    Click on Buy Code - Buy Software Source Code on the PieceX Marketplace

    Clicking on the product image will take you to the product page. Once you get to the product page, you will be able to take a look at the product details, the code insights, the user guide documents, and the live preview & video (if available).

    Product Details: This normally includes all the details that explain the product as well as what it’s used for and how it should function and what exactly the product is.

    User Guide Document: The User Guide is essential to explain the ins and outs of the project. Before you buy software source code, you should make sure to read the user guide to make sure that it fits the needs of your project.

    Screenshots: Pictures of the inner look of the project/app with all its different features from the inside. This helps buyers understand how the project looks and make a decision to purchase accordingly.

    Video & Live Preview: If the seller listed a video or a live preview of the software source code, it can be watched to see a real-time application of the project.

    Code Insights: A page or section of the code is provided by the seller that can be viewed by the buyer to check the code and have an idea how it looks like.

    Code Insights- How to buy software source code on PieceX

    It is very important to look at all those things before you buy software source code.

    Step 4: Click on “Add To Cart”

    After you’ve checked the product page and chosen to move along with this software project, you can simply click on “Add to Cart” and you will be transported to the cart page.

    Cart Page - How to buy software source code on PieceX

    Once you get to the cart page, you will be able to view your entire basket. You can then choose one of two options, either continue browsing and adding more software source code to your cart, or simply click on “Checkout”.

    Step 5: Buy Software Source Code

    Purchase Source Code - How to buy software source code on PieceX

    To finally buy the software source code you have chosen from the PieceX Marketplace, you will have to select your payment option and then click on “Buy Order“.

    If you have a coupon or a promo code, you can apply it straight into the coupon box. Once you put the code down, click on “Apply Coupon” and it will automatically reflect on the final price.

    You can also use your points in the box below. Points are generated from purchases that you make on the PieceX Marketplace.

    Step 6: Pay Using Chosen Payment Method

    This can go one of two ways:-

    Payment Using Credit Card

    Credit Card Payment - How to buy software source code PieceX

    If you choose to pay with a credit card, you will be taken to this page that will include the credit card payment procedure. Fill out this information and click on “Pay” in order to finalize the transaction.

    Payment Using PayPal

    PayPal Payment - How to buy software source code on PieceX

    If you choose the PayPal payment option, you will be taken to this page. You can add your card and then click on “Continue” to proceed with the payment.

    Step 7: Download Code

    Download Code - How to buy software source code PieceX

    Once you finalize the transaction, complete the payment, and finally buy the software source code, you will be taken to the “Purchase Complete” Page. Within this page, you can immediately download your code and begin building on it.

    After you download your software source code, you can click on the “Purchase History” button in order to view all the purchases you have made on the PieceX Marketplace.

    Step 8: Review Purchase

    Purchase History - How to buy software source code on PieceX

    Once you go to “Purchase History“, you will be able to view the download count and you will also be able to do the following:-

    Download Code: If you click on the green circular icon, you will be able to download the code as long as it is within your download count limit.
    Download User Guide: You can also download the user guide by clicking the red icon and reading it at any time with just a simple click.
    Report Product: If you face any issues with the product, you may report it by clicking on the flag-shaped icon.
    Review Product: If you click on “Review“, you can write down a review on the product and discuss your experience with it.
    Request Customization: You can request customization for your project from the seller for a price, asking them to make modifications and customizations for the code you purchased.

    In addition to that, if the product allows the “Extended Support” feature, you will be able to pick it as one of the options. The Extended support feature will allow you to view the different plans that the seller is providing including what kind of support will be provided if you purchase the monthly subscriptions.

    You can know more about extended support here.


    Buying vetted and inspected software source code is a rarity in today’s current market as most sourced software is either compromised, unsafe, or buggy. The PieceX QA team makes sure to inspect every single product before allowing it to be listed on the marketplace.

    With that said, you can find out way more about how PieceX works by visiting our FAQs or reaching out to our friendly support team through our email:

    PieceX IoT

    Embedded software and source code
    related to IoT hardware.