New service to simplify the software acquisition process.

Our new form of payment option for companies or sole proprietors who wish to simplify the purchasing of source code while saving money.

Easier and faster purchases

Charge your wallet, add the funds you would like your wallet to have. No need to input your credit card information during every purchase. Just select “PieceX Wallet” as your payment option.

Save money

Payments fees are not charged when you used your wallet. Also, you earn free bonus points when you add funds to your wallet. These bonus points can be used to receive discounts at your checkout.

Accelerate  purchases

Acquiring a single source code for software might be a tedious process. PieceX offers a variety of codes, you can charge your wallet for a single approval and purchase many products later.

PieceX Wallet

Discover all the benefits for your company

Single invoices for multiple acquisitions

By using PieceX wallet you only need to submit for approval one single amount/invoice for software acquisition. Then with use your available funds to purchase as many products as you would like.

Financial planning

Plan ahead the budget for software acquisition, later you can adjust your needs and acquire as many source codes as you require without starting the finantial requirements all over again.

Save money and time

Acquire ready-to-use complete source codes or scripts and avoid multiple payment fees. PieceX wallet purchases are exempted from payment fees. You can buy single source codes at your own pace.

Get Started

Don’t let the complexities of your financial processes burden you any longer

Our PieceX wallet works as a prepaid option. You start by adding funds (charging the wallet) with your desired amount to be used at PieceX. The funds are immediately available for purchases of any source code product at PieceX.


Add funds

To start using your wallet, please visit your Wallet page located at your account' menu or dashboard.  You will be able to look at your historic statements, current balance and add funds to your wallet. To start using the wallet click on "Add funds". 


Proceed with checkout

Select the amount you want to add to your wallet and your desired payment method. Then proceed with the payment instructions.  After your payment has been confirmed you'll be able to start making purchases using your wallet's balance. 


Browse Code

Browse our product catalog and select the product(s) you will like to purchase. If you have any questions regarding the source code you can visit the code's insight, user guide, or ask a question to the seller via private message or comment.  When you are ready click on "buy" ad proceed to the checkout. 


Select PieceX Wallet as payment

At the checkout page, you can use your points or coupons for an addional discount. To use your wallet, select "PieceX Wallet" as your payment option. Click on "Buy order". You will now be able to download the product at your "Purchase History" page.


Common asked questions 

Here you’ll find answers to the most common questions you may have related to PieceX integration with Zoom. Also, please feel free to check our terms of service. If you can’t find the answer you are looking for, just contact us.

I’m being asked to Authorize the app again...why?

The website might ask you to authorize the app again if the app has been previously removed or migrated.

You can see all your installed apps by login to your Zoom Account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace.

Click Manage > Installed Apps  to see your list of installed apps.

I never received my PieceX account activation email, what do I do?

We are sorry that you have experienced some problems verifying your account. When you register into PieceX, we send you a verification email, this email might have fallen into your spam folder.

Please contact us at if you have any additional support. 

How do I unsubscribe from PieceX emails

You can unsubscribe from PieceX by either clicking the "unsubscribe" located at the bottom of our emails. 

If you wish to remove your account, please log in to and visit “Account”. Go to the tab “Account Details” and click on “Click here to delete your account”. This will remove your account made make all your products unavailable in the marketplace. 

I am not an OSS client, can I use Zoom to communicate with other users?

No. Zoom integration is only available to provide access and support to PieceX for OSS sold OSS plans. You can only integrate with Zoom if you have bought an OSS plan or if you are an OSS provider seeking to give support to your sold subscriptions. 

I uninstalled at the Zoom marketplace and now I want to reject a meeting.

If you uninstalled from the Zoom marketplace, you can reject an upcoming meeting. This will alert the OSS provider that the meeting has been canceled, however the meeting will still be registered in your Zoom account. To delete your meeting from your Zoom account, please access your Zoom account and delete the meeting. 

I uninstalled at the Zoom marketplace and now I want to create a new meeting.

If you uninstalled from the Zoom marketplace, please follow the steps to create a new meeting. This will prompt you to authorize, please click "Authorize" and you'll be able to create a new meeting. 

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