A lot of companies are missing on opportunities by not considering their projects as assets of the company. It could be a new product or an internal solution, each line of code written by the engineers worth time and money, so it’s a valuable asset that can be sold to other organization and can make the profit. I would like to talk to you about monetizing source code and making it available to others for reuse.

When to sell your source code?

Depending on the purpose of your solution, If it does solve an issue for your company or team, you can sell it. For example, if you have built a cool on-call rotation management software or a timeline visualization software for displaying the detail of the ongoing projects for your managers. Then why don’t you sell it that will grow your exposure as a company let other companies know how great and competent your internal team are.
In case you founded a startup and the business does not go as well as you would like to then nothing wrong with that. 9 out of 10 fail and that’s absolutely normal. So you may sell your projects and allow others to continue on what you have started. There are many companies in the world that will be fortuned to purchase your source code so they can speed up their development process.
Any time you successfully solved a problem or optimized an existing solution as a company that has allocated resources and time into that, you need to cash out on it, by selling the solution to other companies either with supporting agreement or without.
Even when you drop off on a project or you stop using a solution that you have invested in workforce you better sell the source code that has been written than just keep it saved somewhere in the dust.

Why your company should start selling code?

First selling source code can not only improve the income but sometimes it allows a company to discover a whole highway of income streams. If they get a great number of sells and feedbacks from other companies, that may even shift the business model.
Also, it can save the company and prevent it from shutting down the business and this occurs even more often with the startups.

How to allow other companies to reuse your source code and how to cash from it?

The best place to start is PieceX, you can sell any source code project and keep track of your products. With the AI system behind PieceX, you will boost your profit and get optimal pricing that helps you close more sells. To start selling on PieceX you need to:

1. Prepare docs and assets

You need to prepare a set of copywriting and assets for your app listing.

  • Product Title.
  • Product Description.
  • “How to use” description. You can make a full how-to-use and how to configure document as pdf or other text format and add it into the downloadable zip file for a more detailed description and instructions about your product.
  • App demo. We recommend that you publish a demo app into the Google Play Store and add the link of the app into the Live Preview URL field.
  • Screenshots and graphics: Android apps get very well reflected by the screenshots so including 1 to 5 screenshots of the app will boost up your sells and your views.
  • Code source into a Zip file. Please compress your project folder containing the code source into a Zip file. You may also want to include any useful documentation pdf into it.

2. Upload your source code/item

Please fill all the sections properly. This will allow other users to understand very quickly what your product is about, and analyze if it fits their needs. The “Genre” and “Language” fields are very important as they are used to filter the user’s searches.

Feel free to add images of your code or of the UI (if any) to make it more attractive to other users. Please compress your source code and documentation into the .zip archive before posting it.
Please refer to the checklist to get yourself ready to sell.

Start selling your first piece of code

It only take a few minutes to set your account and start selling your source code.


Lowest fees ever

PieceX fee is always the lowest due to the AI that makes the pricing dynamic you always get the most for each transaction. 

Monetize your source code

monetize your source code buy listing your different apps plugins and templates. Companies startups and other developers that love your products will buy it.

Close more sells

PieceX AI system will help you close more sells by changing your prices accordingly to the market needs. So you get the most of each visitor.