How To Become A PieceX Affiliate

How To Become A PieceX Affiliate

PieceX believes in opening its doors to users, website owners, companies, and individuals to conduct affiliate mutually beneficial partnerships.

That’s why PieceX has its very own well-developed affiliate program. This affiliate program generates revenue of 10% profit for the first sale made using the affiliate link.

It also provides well-designed free to use widgets made by the PieceX team in order to help affiliates get more sales.

So let’s get into it and walk through how you can become a PieceX Affiliate on the PieceX Marketplace.

Step 1: Create Affiliate Account / Register As An Affiliate

How To Become A PieceX Affiliate - Create Account

First thing first, to become a PieceX Affiliate, you will head over to the PieceX Affiliate Program Page. You can scroll down the page and take a quick look at it in order to have a better understanding of how things generally work.

After you do so (if you want), you will be required to create an affiliate account. You can very easily do so by filling out the form on the page and then verifying your email.

How to become a piecex affiliate - register as an affiliate

If you, however, already have a PieceX account, you will be required to register as an affiliate using your PieceX account. You can register as an affiliate using the Affiliate Program tab on your dashboard by simply adding your website.

Step 2: Access Affiliate Dashboard

How to Become A PieceX Affiliate - Dashboard

After your PieceX Affiliate account is approved, you will get access to the Affiliate Dashboard. This dashboard is extremely useful as it will not only provide you with the link that you will use to start earning, it also automatically gives you the metrics of your link:-

Affiliate Link

You can share and distribute this affiliate link on social media as well as in your business network. Whenever any company/user creates an account using your affiliate link or makes a purchase, it will be attributed to you as per our business terms.

In case someone makes a purchase using the above referral link: 10% of the sales amount for the first purchase will be rewarded to you.


1. Online User Clicks: How many users have clicked on your Affiliate link.
2. No. of Purchases: Number of purchases on PieceX using your Affiliate link.
3. Rewards Earned: Amount of rewards earned.
4. Pending Rewards: Total amount pending to be transferred to your bank account (or any other
payment method).
5. Registered: Number of users who created an account using your Affiliate Code.

Affiliate Network

How To Become A PieceX Affiliate - Affiliate Network

The PieceX Affiliate Dashboard also provide details about your Affiliate Network. This includes who purchased a product using your affiliate link.

Step 3: Insert Widget

How to become a PieceX Affiliate - Widgets

As a PieceX Affiliate, you will have access to our variety of colorful widgets that you can use on your website to further increase sales as well as the revenue you generate. You can select different types of Widgets and copy/paste the HTML code in your website as highlighted above.

Using widgets is a sure way to increase the chances of getting sales and increasing passive revenue.


With this, you will have be part of the PieceX Affiliate Program and you will be able to generate revenue with every click. The work doesn’t stop there, make sure to begin marketing and advertising for your affiliate link in order to increase your income as you go.

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