top5 ecommerce app templates with source code

What is E-commerce

E-commerce is simply the sale and purchase of services and goods over an electronic medium, like the Internet.

It also involves electronically transferring data and funds between two or more parties. Simply put, it is online shopping as we commonly know it.

It has become so convenient and easy, that anyone can shop for anything right from a living room to your dream house, with just a few clicks. Now, you can shop from anywhere and anytime wit the help of your smartphone and internet connection. You can search for almost any product or service online, without having to go anywhere physically and this has become life saver specially in COVID-19 Pandemic time.

What do you need to set up E-commerce business

First you need to decide what you want to sell and possibilities are endless. People sell all sorts of different things online and do it in all sorts of different niches and markets.

And what’s best about it all is that the numbers are only growing. It’s estimated that in 2020 there will be 2.05 billion global digital buyers. Quite frankly, everyone and even their dog is doing shopping online these days!

Once you decide what you will sell, you will require a website / platform for performing transaction.

E-Commerce websites are online portals that facilitate online transactions of goods and services through means of online payment. In the early days, e-commerce was done partially through emails and phone calls. Now, with a single website everything can be executed online.

Types of E-Commerce websites

Different eCommerce websites are referred to differently, based on the function they fulfill.

  • Business-to-Business (B2B): Transactions of goods and services between companies. Example: A business sells SAS products to other businesses.
  • Business-to-Consumer (B2C): Transactions of goods and services between companies and consumers. Example: You buy a new shoes from an online store.
  • Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C): Transactions of goods and services between consumers, mostly through a third party. Example: You sell your old laptop on eBay or Olx to another consumer.
  • Consumer-to-Business (C2B): Transactions services where individuals offer products or services to companies. Example: Customer Reviews product after purchase

Advantages of E-Commerce website

1- Ease and Convenience:

Ease of use, time efficiency and easy payment are some of the few major reasons why E-commerce has taken over today’s retail world.

2- Availability round the clock:

E-commerce allows the customers to shop from their favorite website 24/7. It doesn’t involve waiting for a weekend or a half day. E-commerce allows websites to be functioning round the clock and benefit their customers with appropriate product details, warranty details, product reviews and product descriptions so that they can make the right choice.

3-More Profitable:

It reduces inventory cost and eliminates the requirement of a physical location. The retailer can earn by just being over the internet. It also reduces the need for hiring people for sales along with easy and quick targeted marketing.

4- Access to convertible audience:

An E-commerce allows the merchants to read the behaviors, liking, disliking and trends they follow so that they can come up with products and services which fulfill the needs of their audience and convert them in to potential buyers.

E-commerce has changed the lives of people and continues to amaze people by many fortunes it offers in terms of convenience, ease, time saving and many other benefits. A well designed E-commerce website design can make a visitor’s online experience worthwhile and force him/her to come back again and buy the product/service again.

Unsurprisingly, the COVID-19 crisis has led to a big increase in e-commerce around the world and it’s perfect time to set your own E-Commerce business website.

PieceX have ready-to-use applications and templates for setting up your E-Commerce business from scratch with just few clicks.

Top 5 trending E-Commerce App templates

Buy ready to use source code and set up new E-commerce business.

1. ECOM Ecommerce web platform

ECOM Ecommerce web platform with source code

This is a web template for a fully functioning Ecommerce platform, where products can be shown, browsed, wishlisted, put in cart, bought, added reviews, user created, etc. The server is realized via PHP and MySQL database. The frontend is JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

Features include:

  • SQL database code and dummy entries of products, categories and reviews.
  • Products data model.
  • Searching function
  • Search filters
  • Categories data model.
  • Reviews per item integration code and data model.
  • Rating calculation from review
  • Wishlist
  • Cart
  • Cookies
  • Checkout
  • Product details page with tabs


2. E commerce Application Like Flipkart Amazon

E commerce Application Like Flipkart Amazon with source code

Everything You Need To Start Selling Online Today. It includes features like,

  • Easy login & registration
  • User-friendly product filtering and sorting
  • Detailed product descriptions
  • Product gallery
  • Presenting your products with Augmented Reality
  • Shopping cart
  • Shipping options
  • Order summary
  • Checking the shipping status
  • The number of items users are seeing/left on the list
  • Checking item availability in specific locations
  • Wishlist
  • Flash sales and discounts
  • Product scores and reviews
  • Easy login & registration

3. zipSELL Multivendor Digital Products Marketplace

zipSELL Multivendor Digital Products Marketplace with source code

It’s a multivendor marketplace created in PHP.  It includes features like,

  • Fully Responsive
  • Dynamic pages
  • Dynamic primary, secondary & button color changes
  • Clean and Modern Design
  • Built with Laravel Framework, PHP/MySQL & HTML5/CSS3
  • Build on Bootstrap 3
  • PayPal,Stripe,Paytm,Razorpay,2Checkout,Payu,Localbank,Perfectmoney Payment Gateway Integrated
  • RTL Support
  • Multi-Language Support (add / edit / delete for any languages )
  • Multi Vendor Support
  • SEO Slug enable / disable
  • Font Awesome Icon Integration
  • Custom Mp3,Image Size & Type Changes
  • Google Map Integration
  • Powerful Admin Panel
  • Social login integrated ( facebook & google plus )
  • Back to top scroller integrated
  • Registration confirmation updated
  • Email notification for item update
  • Homepage feature item carousel or normal option integrated
  • Report this item on product details page
  • Preview website frame look updated
  • Feature product enable by admin
  • Login and Registration
  • Testimonials integrated
  • Newsletter integrated
  • Media settings & Payment settings
  • Vendor profile
  • Country & flag added dynamically using badges
  • Badges are located country, year of membership, exclusive author, trendsetter, author level, collector level, featured item, referral level
  • Related Items
  • My account
  • Dispute refund payment system
  • Homepage Promo box content Dynamically
  • Forgot Password
  • Blog & Comments
  • Product Item review & rating
  • Text Editor Integrated

4. Ecommerce Grocery App UI Kit with Flutter 30 Screens for Android and IOS

Ecommerce Grocery App UI Kit with Flutter 30 Screens for Android and IOS with source code

A highly customizable, fully-developed and production-ready Ecommerce/grocery app Frontend UI code with over 30+ screens made with Flutter.

Compatible with both Android and IOS.

The screens available in this app are:

  • Home screen.
  • Categories Screen.
  • Cart Screen.
  • Checkout Screen.
  • Payment gateway Screen.
  • User Profile Screen.
  • Settings Screen
  • Previous Orders
  • SignOut
  • Add Card
  • OnBoarding Screens
  • Sign Up
  • Login
  • Quick Buy Tab
  • Delivery Timings Screen
  • Change Profile
  • Notifications Screen
  • Default No internet
  • Default No Items in the cart
  • Default no Notifications

…… and many more.

5. E Commerce Flutter App UI Kit

full source code of E Commerce Flutter App UI Kit

E-Commerce App using Flutter with rich feature set as explained below.

More than 60 Screens:

    • Login
    • Register
    • Walkthrough
    • Home
    • Categories
    • Sub Categories
    • Products By Category
    • Product Home
    • Product Details
    • Product Review
    • Brands
    • Brand Home
    • Brand Reviews
    • Brand Details
    • Wishlist Grid & List
    • Chat
    • Filters
    • Settings
    • Cart
    • Checkout
    • Notifications
    • User Account
    • User Orders With 5 Filters
    • App Settings
    • App Languages
    • Help & Supports
    • 5 Empty Screens

Additionally it includes,

  • Great and helpful +120 Components. Tabs, Sliders, Swipers Cards Hero Animations, Search bars, Bootton Navigations
  • Shopping or E-Commerce Flutter App UI Kit
  • Entities & Models are ready to use.
  • Clean & organized Dart Language code
  • Easy to restyle and theming by on your branding sites.
  • Working fine with bright and dark mode.
  • Awesome animations are ready to use: Hero Animations, Parallax Animations, Sliding & Swiping animations
  • Working really well on both iOS and Android with support with 60 frames per second (fps).

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