Coding, programming or Software developing has infinite possibilities in term of the programming languages that you can use. It depends on your interest and preference in term of products, career path and goals. In this post, you will learn about the top programming languages, how to learn them and how to make an income from them (because nobody wants to work for free, right?).
We have been looking and compiling data from multiple sources, such as stack overflow, and the current trends on linked PieceX and other hiring platforms.

5 – PHP

A lot of people  ask  “is PHP is a dying programming language?” NO, Absolutely not, PHP is the most dominating programming language when it comes to web development. And it has been this way for a long time. According to Wappalyzer: PHP continues to be the heavyweight champion of the server-side programming language; championship by 82% and one of the reasons is that WordPress is designed in PHP and WordPress is used by 78,3% of all the CMS users.
If you look on Fiver (upward and freelancer) you will find that those platforms gigs and opportunities are still going to be dominated by one big giant of the internet which is WordPress. So if you master PHP you can easily find job opportunities and you can also create diverse templates themes and plugins for WordPress, which you can later sell on different marketplaces.

The strategy to learn PHP is very simple first if you are a total beginner, go get your hands dirty with HTML and CSS then start learning PHP. Keep in mind that PHP alone is not enough, it needs to interact with some kind of databases Mysql or MongoDB. Also please be sure to check the current variety of frameworks available for PHP. 

Stay tuned towards the end of the article for a detailed guide on how to start selling WordPress plugins on PieceX and earn a pretty good amount of money.

4 – JAVA

We will keep Java at position number 4. Java is a highly cross-platform, simpler than C++  due to the use of automatic memory allocation and garbage collection. Java has survived for the last 23 years quite well. It has been used for different purposes: from web application development, mobile application development, and server-side APIs. We also need to mention that Java has multiple well-established frameworks, such as Spring and Hibernate, with millions of Java developers using them all over the world. According to Dice JSP and Java/JEE, they are rising on the top of the charts of the top-paying tech skills and experience to have.

JAVA is an object-oriented programming language that a lot of universities chose to teach and offer multiple sources into it. And because developers has been using it for decades, there is a ton of useful tutorials and material to learn from on the internet.

And one more thing: even after the appearance of Kotlin, JAVA is still the most used programming language for Android devices. So you can create Android apps and sell them on PieceX or publish them for free in order to gain some clients and notoriety.

Here is a detailed tutorial on how to sell your source code.

One important attribute of software is that it never sleeps. As such I can make passive income selling it. With PieceX I can simply put tool, programs, projects, templates or whatever kind of code online that is valuable enough to sell. I just put them up online and forget about them. They will make money on their own. That is why I am using PieceX.
It’s very convenient having templates and such, right there pre-made for all these projects instead of starting from nothing, especially if you are a solo developer or a small team.

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This programming language is currently doing a lot whole more than what it was initially designed for. Whether you prefer web, mobile, frameworks, backend, you-name-it… Javascript is always going to be a good choice for you. Recently Javascript has made an appearance into the AI and machine learning. Javascript now has nothing to do with the programming language that you have seen in the past: it has now evolved to be totally different.
The strategy to learn Javascript is, once you understand the basics, you should jump into one of the popular frameworks. Regardless if you are using Angular, React, React native or nodeJs, you will be able to design powerful applications. If you want to see some javascript projects and discover the code on your own, visit the free PieceX products page

How you can get a free code source piece

By referring your friends and selling code source you get free points. The more points you get the more source code products you will get for less money. One of them is this amazing mobile payment UI/UX, that you can get for free if 2 of your friends sign up.

You can use your points to buy source code from a large set of projects. From AI recognition to E-commerce websites, you can find the right piece of code that will fit with your current project.

2 – Python

Python is one of the most amazing programming languages. It allows you to make web and desktop applications, but it is more commonly used in scripting and automation. It’s also used for web scraping, so it’s popular with data mining and storing unstructured data. It’s also a must-have skill when it comes to AI and machine learning. With the recent popularity of Django and machine learning,  Python could easily take the top spot on this list.
To learn it and practice it more, I would suggest you start by building some web scraping or doing any automation with your server configurations and data to understand functions, loops, classes, and learn how to add third-party libraries to make this language super powerful.

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1 – SQL

It may be a surprise for you that SQL is in the first position. SQL is used in almost all of your upcoming project cause each piece of software, either big or small,  need to communicate with a database engine. The all-time favorite to establish that communication is SQL. Whether you use Microsoft SQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL or Oracle database servers, you will have to write some small code in SQL. This programming language is not the most lucrative nor the one that everybody is looking for. It is simply the skill that everybody assumes you already have. So you will need it whatever your goal is.

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