Now possible at PieceX!

Rename and rebrand. 

Your public username: more than just a name.

Your public username or seller name is your brand, it’s the total of your customers’ and prospective customers’ experience with your company. A good brand involves a good profile picture and a good public username. Having a good public username establishes trust and credibility with your prospects and customers.

Do you want to update your public username? 

At PieceX you can now update your public username by just editing your account. This will update your seller name on your products and your public profile name.

If you choose to update your public username, we suggest the following:


Use your company's name

 PieceX is the best place to create awareness of your company. Use your company’s name as your seller name. It will create a more professional look and help you with your brand. 


Build your image

You have to get clear on your identity as a company. Keep consistency. Complement it with your logo and a summary of your services and company vision at the seller description.  

If you still don’t have a company’s name. Start by creating your own. Here are some methods for creating a new company name.


Make it positive

Use words or meanings that have a positive association and relation to your company and industry. Make it fun, powerful, and easy to remember. Avoid words that are might have negative associations or existing business names. 


Words in other languages

PieceX is a global marketplace, as such we have sellers from all around the world. You can use a word in your native language that has a positive meaning and an easy spelling. 


You can use synonyms for common words that convey your company’s vision. You can use thesaurus to find related words.


Human names

Human names give your brand  a personality and make them easier to remember. You might want to find human names that mean something similar than your image as a seller.

Remember make it unique, easy to remember and easy to spell.

Start brainstorming. Once you have built a list of new ideas, choose your favorites and narrow them down.  Then update your profile with your new company’s name. 

Please notice that you can only update your public username once every 4 months.

This change will not alter your login information (username used to sign in to your PieceX account). Please use your original username or email to sign in to your account.