In this modern technological world, practically all businesses have a fever to enhance their IT operations and look for ways to improve their development speed. They look to save time and resource by using pre-coded software services, which can come-in really handy in app developments.

So, 2020 can be your year if you can start honing your development skills and be updated with the latest trends happening. 2020 is a year where we will witness some of the most exciting technologies become viable in the market. We will see trends like machine learning, edge computing, AI, AR and more go mainstream and gain larger adoption. This year is going to be an exciting and important one for the software industry.

Without further fuss, let’s look at four major trends that will rule 2020.

Demand for blockchain developers

The emergence of blockchain industry has paved way to weed out a number of meaningless projects. Although the blockchan industry experienced ‘crypto winter’ in late 2019, the number of blockchain start-ups continued to increase. Moreover, fewer IT engineers look for blockchain related jobs.

A study shows that in 2019, the cryptocurrency-related job postings have increased by more than 25%, while the searches for jobs has decreased by more than 50%. This shows the demand for engineers in the blockchain industry.

Edge Computing

The popular Fitbits and Apple Watches are merely a niche in the huge IoT ecosystem. From cars to living rooms, medical devices to roads, almost everything is now turning into data-collecting devices. Software companies are looking for faster methods that can process the collected data- that is where edge computing will play a big part in 2020.

Edge computing uses a number of micro data centres near the device to process data. Such processing on the edge saves time as well as money from moving all the collected data to the main data centre. Being an end-user, this will ensure that the IoT devices will perform faster even at places with poor connectivity.

Artificial Intelligence is a necessity

The world is reaching a point where businesses certainly need to adopt AI in order to survive and grow. Smartphones, big data, smart home assistants, etc. will have a fruitful year with AI adoption. Furthermore, AI security will also grow in 2020. Although there is already a big focus on AI, there has been relatively less focus on the AI security part. Therefore, both AI and security are predicted to constantly grow by big margins in the next couple of years.

Distributed Cloud

The term cloud in technology is nothing new to us. However, the way we use the cloud is quite advanced and innovative. “Distributed cloud” generally means distribution of services across various different cloud providers and geographical cloud locations as well. For instance, a cloud provider can offer servers in multiple countries. This can help an organization to reduce the risk of a complete failure by spreading the services. The benefits of distributed cloud include: reduce latency, lower risk of failure, better balancing.

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