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Why Should Your Business Consider Buying Source Code For Its Projects

In this article, the PieceX team will go through the main reasons why your business (Enterprise or Startup) should consider using source code for its projects.

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How To Buy Open Source Support Plan on PieceX

How To Buy Open Source Support Plan on PieceX

With PieceX's new genre PieceX for OSS, it has become possible for Open Source Code users to find and get support for the Open Source Code they are using in their project. This initiative has begun...

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PieceX IoT (Internet of Things)

IoT Hardware & Source Code Solutions  PieceX for IoT aims to make hardware easier to use by increasing the amount of peripheral software in the market. Integrated with the source code marketplace, at PieceX for IoT you can find solutions for devices, hardware, and...

How to Request Software Source Code on PieceX

The internet is filled with places to find and use software source code. At times, developers and business owners may find themselves trying to find software source code for a very specific project. The more requirements you have for your software project, the less...

How to Request Customization on PieceX

All software source code products at PieceX are customizable, you can adapt them according to your needs by programming or modifying their functions. If you don’t have the time to adapt the source code to meet your needs, the seller/developer of the product might be...

Extended Support for source code products

Extended support for your products at PieceX In addition to the standard support, some PieceX products can also offer an "Extended support plan". This support is charged as an additional fee and includes premium support activities and features that are not included in...

PieceX for OSS – How-to-start guide

How to start on PieceX for OSS PieceX for OSS is our open source initiative where supporters of Github open sources can provide additional features, support, or customizations for existing open sources repositories. Providers offering additional functions, support or...

4 Reasons Why Your Company Needs PieceX Wallet

PieceX Wallet aims to assist corporations supply their developer teams with access to our entire marketplace.

PieceX Wallet

New service to simplify the software acquisition process. Our new form of payment option for companies or sole proprietors who wish to simplify the purchasing of source code while saving money. Easier and faster purchases Charge your wallet, add the funds you would...

Code Insights

Code Preview is now Code Insights!We have completely redesigned our code preview and it's better than ever.  We are thrilled to tell you that we have improved our code preview feature. The new improvements come with a code editor UI and new options to see a sample of...

How to update your public username

Now possible at PieceX!Rename and rebrand. Your public username: more than just a name. Your public username or seller name is your brand, it’s the total of your customers' and prospective customers’ experience with your company. A good brand involves a good profile...

How PieceX Works

Introduction So, you are all set with a unique and profitable business idea. All you need to execute it is impeccable software with smooth functioning and rich features. Any software needs a source code upon which it could be built. What is source code? It is a set of...

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PieceX IoT (Internet of Things)

PieceX IoT (Internet of Things)

IoT Hardware & Source Code Solutions  PieceX for IoT aims to make hardware easier to use by increasing the amount of peripheral software in the...

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How To Request Support From Seller on PieceX

You've followed the previous tutorial for Buying Software Source Code and purchased the Source Code you need. A while after you start developing it, you thought that it would be much faster to get some help from someone who knows all the ins-&-outs of the source code you purchased AKA the...

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How To Become A PieceX Sales Agency

There is an obvious difference between becoming an affiliate and becoming a Sales Agency for PieceX. The Sales Agency program is centered towards large companies and sales agencies (as the name suggests). It targets those who are actually going to put effort in selling PieceX products for the...

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