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CSS plays an important role in web development, learn how

CSS plays an important role in web development, learn how

CSS also known as Cascading Style Sheets is an important and integral part of the modern day web development processes. It is an HTML tool that is highly effective, providing great control over the app/ web page layout. All the design-related aspects of your webpage can be controlled with the help...

Companies selling Fin-Tech solutions source code

Fin-Tech solutions Become a reference in the FinTech world.Startups and big corporations into the FinTech industry are working together To create the best solutions for their clients. Reusing each other source code can cut up to 65% of the development process time and...

Companies selling website templates

Website Templates Become one of the companies selling web templates on PieceXHundred of companies and web agencies publish websites every day. How about selling your templates source code to them. Basics templates goes from $40 for the simplistic ones to $5000 for the...

Empower your business, grow your company income and productivity.

Businesses are the means by which countries grow and develop, and the way all products and services get delivered to us. They are the core component that creates a better future for humanity. The technologies have a tremendous effect on businesses the way they conduct...

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