Fin-Tech solutions

Become a reference in the FinTech world.

Startups and big corporations into the FinTech industry are working together To create the best solutions for their clients. Reusing each other source code can cut up to 65% of the development process time and resources. Become the best FinTech software solutions source code seller and help make industry rise.


Different businesses common goal. Can we sell more?

Half of banks customers globally are now using FinTech firms. those firms try to stay at the edge of the technology when it comes to the tools they use. If you want to sell software components to those institutions. we will make it happen!


Speeding up the process

We help you navigate and achieve your first products in 20% of the time that other developers take to creat an appealing product


Don't miss an opportunity

Our knowledge of the market and the frequent users requests, make us experts into finding features and components that can be sold separately.

Get your message broadcasted

We love talking about our best contributors, become one of them and get your messages broadcasted worldwide.

Smooth and interactive experience

We do not only study each Enterprise partner of us but we talk and interact with them.We tailor the workflow to the best experience possible for each individual company.


Intellectual property

The ownership and intellectual property in relation of the source code provided to the marketplace remains yours


Ensure source code security

Your source code security is one of our main focus. None will be able to full see it’s content or download it, unless a purchase is made.

PieceX AI technologies

PieceX puts into your hand a pricing system based on AI. Our machine learning algorithms make sure your products gets more sells and improve benefits of each transaction

Create a passive income source for your company

Once we publish your products on PieceX, your income balance will get transfered to your account without any effort from your side. 

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Our Awesome Team

Our team is as diversified as efficient we speak 9 different languages and 20+ programing languages. Talk to us to find out more about how we can get your business to 6 figures income from selling source code.

Asano Yusuke

Asano Yusuke

Founder & CEO

Yusuke excels on finding the opportunity for companies that seeks growth. Will be happy to guide your company into successfuly creating an awesome portfolio of products.

Pooja Kothari

Pooja Kothari

Product manager

Ex Microsoft, Pooja is an expert on business software, and currently head of the development team in PieceX.

Patrick Schulze

Patrick Schulze

FullStack Engineer

A Full Stack Engineer from Germany, Ex IBM with tons of experience into almost all programing languages and frameworks.