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Rules & Conditions

contest source code seller date

Starting Date

The PieceX OSS Contest starts on the 15th of March and ends on the 15th of June. Submissions will be accepted until the 1st of June.

contest source code seller categories

Applicable Categories

PieceX OSS Seller Contest applies to the following Categories only:

  • PieceX OSS Services
  • Mobile Apps & Software
  • Web Apps & Software
contest source code seller entry conditions

Contest Entry

All products uploaded in their respective catergories after the Starting Date enter the contest automatically.

contest source code seller how to win

How To Win

It’s simple, the more sales you make, the higher chance you get. Winners are determined based on the highest number of sales in each category. Advertise your product for a higher chance of winnig.


The Prize pool consists of $1,000 and you also gain all the revenue your prodcut made while listed on the PieceX Marketplace. The winners will be announced after the period ends.

Maximize Your Income

To maximize your income, products listed on PieceX as part of the contest will be kept on the marketplace for a year after the contest with a chance to be featured in order to increase your profit.

How to Participate?

1. Join Through Contest Link
2. Upload Your OSS Service or Web/Mob Software
3. Keep track of sales till countdown ends
4. Earn a prize up to $1,000

contest source code seller