Article about why your business should consider buying software source code for your business written by the PieceX team

Source Code is the compilation of text, codes, symbols, and numbers that a computer programmer uses through their visual programming tool in order to create different types of software.

Of course source code isn’t just a file that contains lines of script, it makes up an entire software solution or application ranging from Web templates, PHP scripts, Mobile Applications, Game Templates, entire ERP systems, etc..

In this article, the PieceX team will walk you through the main reasons why your business (whether it is an enterprise or a startup) should consider using source code for its projects.

Time & Cost Reduction

Let’s start with the main reason most businesses opt out of hiring huge software teams and end up buying software source code for their project. 

The main reason is simple and widely proven, using software source code cuts down development time and cost by 80%. A single system that you are creating for your business can take up to multiple years to finish and could be very determined on having a big software development team.

A big dev team means high costs of development and software built from the ground up means long term commitment.

Software source code tackles that by making it possible to get ready-to-use software that you can manipulate into your own programming, massively lowering the time needed to complete the project as well as the amount of developers needed to do so.


One main concern for your business would be, do I have to find the perfect software source code for my business that just fits every little thing my project needs? The simple answer is no, not necessarily.

Software Source Code is highly customizable and modifiable to fit your needs and project requirements. Not just the basics of changing the UI (colors and logos etc..) but also when it comes to adding new features, removing unneeded parts and adding ones you desire for your project.

Depending on where you purchase your Source Code, but in leading marketplaces such as PieceX, every software source code on the platform is accompanied with a clear user guide to explain how it works and its functionality as well as customization services, making it even easier and quicker for your business to finalize the project.

Competitive Advantage

In today’s market, trends and use cases of projects are ever increasing. Businesses are no longer waiting to make changes and come up with new ideas to keep up with the age of speed.

It is possible to spend months and years building your very own project and then as your team grows and changes, you find that a lot of the things you are hoping to change are lost within the endless lines of code you’ve built.

If that happens, it would be very difficult and time-consuming to add a new modification to your project and then in that case, your competitors will be miles ahead of you.

Using software source code gives you great adaptability and allows your business to make quick choices with quick actions taken as it normally takes a lot less time to untangle and manage source code, specially if it was previously inspected to be 100% functional the way the PieceX team does it.


Software Source Code is highly volatile and freely accessing it gives your business an edge in the market as all your projects will be easy to imagine and publish, giving you the time to focus on the business aspect of things rather than the software side of the equation.

You can access a library of thoroughly inspected software source code at the PieceX Marketplace, guaranteeing AI regulated pricing that matches the current market value of the source code and industry-based browsing capabilities.

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