So, you are all set with a unique and profitable business idea. All you need to execute it is impeccable software with smooth functioning and rich features. Any software needs a source code upon which it could be built. What is source code? It is a set of instructions that provides commands to the computer once executed.

If you are a software-based company, owning a source code for, say, your PHP or c# project is the safest option. Not only does it provide complete control over the source code, but it also ensures the self-sufficiency of the company. Once you own the source code, you can modify it at any point in time to ensure that it matches the needs of the software. It also eases the process of debugging the code and traces the errors that occur in it. 

Having a source code for websites means that you can optimize it as you want it. Whether you want a better speed or a lesser size, you can modify it to work seamlessly with the libraries existing in the processor. 

Most companies hire a software engineer, usually a team, to prepare software. Though it ensures that your team knows each aspect of the code, it also requires a huge amount of time and resources. You will have to tackle the costs of housing a team of software engineers along with the cost of tests, experiments, and debugging as the source code is being prepared. 

Small companies, especially start-ups, cannot afford to spend that much time and resources to code a complete software or website from scratch. The better and more cost-efficient solution, thus, will be to buy a source code. For example, you hire a software engineer to create software. The engineer has already created the code in their previous job. You are thus paying the engineer for the work that has already been done. In such a case, instead of affording the engineer’s salary and other additional costs, you can buy the source code from the engineer. This way, you get the same result in a much shorter time and at a lesser cost. 

PieceX acts as a perfect place where companies and enterprises can find appropriate source code for their company and where engineers and coders can find buyers of the source code they created. With PieceX, you can find and buy a source code that you can modify and build upon. The solutions provided at PieceX ensure that you get the perfect source code that matches your budget and technical requirements while also reducing your project’s timescale. 

Why should you use PieceX? 

Are you wondering how someone else’s source code can help you build your software? PieceX, as a code-selling website, aims to promote start-ups and their innovative ideas. It offers various source codes that you can rebrand and implement after the desired customization. Here is how the services offered by PieceX can benefit your enterprise. 


  • Cut costs 
Any enterprise in the world wants to ensure great quality work with the least investment. Cutting costs is the first aim of any start-up to ensure that they have enough funds for other campaigns. While getting free source codes is not a conducive method to build your business, you can still save money on the software development process with PieceX. PieceX helps you in that endeavor by providing source codes that otherwise would have taken several coders to program.


  • Quality assurance 
Buying a source code from an external source or a third-party can seem risky to some. The code could have numerous bugs or take a long time to process and execute. At PieceX, you will find source codes that have been verified for their quality. To prove their functioning, test videos, screenshots, and other aids are also provided along with the source code.


  • Segregated source codes
PieceX has a huge library of projects in different languages, including several Java, C#, Python, and PHP source code projects that satisfy different criteria. However, you don’t have to search through all the codes to find one that is best for you and your enterprise. All source codes are segregated based on the industry that they belong or their technical aspects. For example, if you need a source code for a food delivery app programmed in PHP, you can filter the source codes to find one that fits both criteria. 


  • Guides
Source code sellers also provide guides and demo videos that can help you understand the code. The guides can help you and your team understands the code, how each feature has been added, how to resolve any minor bug that occurs during the execution, etc. 


  • Updated versions
The developers of the source codes update their codes regularly to ensure that it is rich in features and free from bugs. You can see the history of the updated versions of various source codes at PieceX. You will be able to access the updated versions of your previously bought source codes, as well. 

Who can use PieceX? 

PieceX works as a portal between developers and buyers of source codes. Enterprises and companies can contact a developer directly through PieceX. It also helps software engineers to sell their past work by providing them with a huge market of potential source code buyers. Here is how both the parties can benefit from the services provided by PieceX.


  • Buyers
Buyers are the software-based companies and technology companies that need codes for their software. With PieceX, buyers can reduce expenses, cut their development time, and other resources spent creating a source code by 80%. It also acts as an endless resource of source codes and scripts for start-ups and developers who want to speed up the process of developing a software or website. 


Buying a source code from PieceX lets the companies execute and run their business in a few hours. Buyers can buy and then build and customize the source code to match their requirements. 


PieceX provides solutions for all sizes of companies. However, its services are most beneficial to start-ups. Start-ups need to act on the business plan as quickly as possible to ensure that they can stand against the tough competition in the market. With the quality services and impeccable source codes available in the library of PieceX, start-ups can get a quick kick start. 


  • Sellers
PieceX act as the perfect marketplace for software developers and companies who want to sell their source codes. Through PieceX, the developers can reach out to an array of companies and enterprises looking to buy different genres of source codes. It is also a great option for freelancers and experienced software engineers to get a source of a second income. 


The price for each source code is determined with the help of top-notch artificial intelligence technology integrated with PieceX. The AI can provide the exact sum through which the seller can earn maximum profit. 


PieceX provides a platform to the developers to sell the source codes that they coded in the past. PieceX also ensures that the copyrights of the developer’s source code remain intact through an NDA.  

Benefits of PieceX 

Now that you have understood the working of PieceX and the services provided, here are some of the advantages of PieceX for buyers and sellers. 


  • Buyers
The cost of free source codes that you buy from PieceX depends upon your needs and budget. Whether you are a well-established business or a start-up, you can get a source code at that price so that you do not have to make an upfront investment. 


Furthermore, creating a source code from scratch will take several weeks, if not months, to reach the prototype stage. At PieceX, you can find a tried and tested source code which only needs to be modified to fulfill your needs. Thereby, buying from PieceX can reduce the time required to execute your business plan and boost software development time. 


Once you create a code, it will inherently have some bugs that need to be resolved for smoother functioning. In-house debugging following the creation of source code can cost you and your company time and money. On the other hand, the source code bought from PieceX is debugged by the creators themselves. 


Additionally, housing a team of software managers will need other resources such as human resource management to carry out the hiring process. If one of the team members leaves, you may have to invest in searching, recruiting, and training their replacement. Such management cannot be afforded by start-ups and small-scale companies. PieceX resolves the issue by offering the source code with no involvement of a team.   


  • Sellers
Source code sellers around the world get access to a large market of potential buyers that are interested in buying the source code and scripts offered. They also get the best possible rate for their code through AI technology. 
When you sell a source code, you interact with the buyer to explain to them the technicalities behind the code and how to resolve any issue. With these interactions and by associating with various start-ups and enterprises, you can create a network for yourself in the technology industry. The better your source codes and support services, the better your reputation will become in the industry.   

How to buy source code on PieceX?

The buyers can find and use a plethora of ready-to-use source codes listed in the index at the site. The steps provided below explain the process to buy source code android at PieceX.
How to buy source code on piecex
  • Head to the index of source codes available on PieceX. You can filter them as per the language in which they are written, an industry that they are aimed at, and even with the help of tags.
  • Once you have shortlisted the web projects with source codes that fit your criteria, you can check their features, reviews, and demo videos available. The reviews provided by previous buyers can be an insight into the working and quality of the code.
  • After finalizing the source code that you find perfect for your enterprise, you can add it to the cart.
  • Now that all the source codes you needed are added, you can proceed to checkout.
  • Complete the payment at the checkout window through any payment method favorable to you.
  • Once the payment is successful, you can download the source code.
  • Once downloaded, you can modify the source code as per the needs of your enterprise’s software.

What can you buy?

At PieceX, you can find all possible source codes and scripts. Whether you need a fully-fledged software that includes all the basic features or you need a particular script for a feature that you need to add to your software, you can find every solution at PieceX. Enterprises and start-ups can get these services to accelerate the development of your software. Here are some of the different categories of source codes you can find on PieceX.
different source code types that you can buy

Mobile apps 

PieceX is home to several mobile app scripts and templates, including food delivery mobile app templates. These are provided in various programming languages, including PHP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Objective-C, and more. You can find different templates and features in various source codes as well. 



Provided in versions of mobile-based and web-based codes, you can find various scripts and source codes for websites. These feature-rich codes are provided in languages such as Swift, AngularJS, NodeJS, PHP, and more.   



FinTech solutions provide features such as security in investments, short-term bonds, monitoring investments, and managing business systems. These enterprise solutions are coded in Visual Basic, PL/SQL, and other popular languages. 



With the rise in cryptocurrency and its availability across the globe, various companies need an interface that supports cryptocurrency. You will not only find source codes and ready-to-use scripts but also codes for various features and add-ons.   


E-Commerce app

The demand for food delivery app projects along with various other e-commerce apps has been steadily rising for the past few years. PieceX is home to source codes suited for grocery shops, restaurants, daily essentials, and other e-markets. These online markets websites and apps are programmed in JavaScript, NodeJS, Swift, CSS, AngularJS, etc. 

Post-purchase support and customization 

Once you buy a product from PieceX, you are eligible for support and help options offered at the website. You can receive support to better your experience of working with the product or source code that you bought in the following cases.

  • When you have a technical question regarding the code’s working and execution, you can reach out to the seller or developer of the code directly. 
  • If there are any bugs in the code that you found while executing it or any other buyer, you can ask for an update from the developer. 
  • If you need extensive guidance to understand the source code’s features and to work, you can ask the developer for a user guide as well.  
Along with support, at PieceX, you can also get customization services. A business plan may need a different set of customization options that are offered with the standard source code. If you need different features added to the code, you can reach out to the developer to change and tweak it accordingly. 

Once you have bought a source code, you can submit a customization request through the website. The developer of the source code will inform you regarding the additional charges for the changes and customizations that you require. Once the payment for them is processed, the seller will provide you with the end result. It can be downloaded in the same way as the original source code. 


After downloading the customized code, you can check the features and the changes. If you are not satisfied with the changes or feel that you need something more, then you can ask the developer for the required variations. Once you are completely satisfied with the end product, you can approve the request.  
Request a source code 
Request a source code to buy from piecex developers
Some enterprises may require a code that has not been created or is not available at PieceX. Though such cases are rare, PieceX provides a solution for such a case as well. You can request the kind of code that they require at the website. The software developers connected to PieceX will receive the request, and they may choose to develop a code as per the requirements mentioned in the request.   


The requested page also proves to be beneficial for the developer as they can get an insight into the current needs of the market and the designs that are prevalent in it. Here, they can also find an inspiration to work on a newer source code that addresses the demand of the market. 


The developers can not only view the requests that are posted on the website but also, they can comment on the requests. These comments can provide suggestions as well as questions that can detail the request.


Here are the steps through which you can request any project, PHP codes, Java source codes, or in any other language or category that is not available on the database of PieceX. 


  1. Head to the Requests section of the website. Here, you will find a form that you can fill to request a code. 
  2. First, you need to enter the title of the source code required along with the tags and programming language preferred. 
  3. Next, you will need to add instructions and describe the source code required in the text box. Make sure that you detail all the requirements as elaborately as possible.
  4. Once the form is filled, you can submit it.  

How to sell a source code at PieceX?

The developers can easily sign up on the PieceX database to put up their code and script for websites and apps for sale. Here are the steps to help you guide through the selling process.


  1. First, you will need to fill a form detailing the source code. This includes the name of the source code, its features, and descriptions, tags, the language in which it is written. You can also add a URL for a live preview of the demo of the source code, along with supporting pictures and videos.
  2. The images can be uploaded in the form of .jpg, .png, or .jpeg. Ensure that the product image of the code or any other commodity you are selling is attractive. It will be the first thing that a buyer sees. Your product image can help you create a positive impression in front of the buyers, depicting the value of your code.
  3. Now, upload the files, including the source code, guides, and any other documents that you deem necessary.
  4. Upload the source code in the form of a .zip file. Ensure that the complete document is under the size of 450 MB.
  5. Once all the documents have been uploaded, you can publish the source code on the database of PieceX.
  6. Now, you can specify the price for the source code. Note that the final selling price will be monitored by the AI. Thus, the rewards earned at the end of the deal may vary.
Here are some of the points that the developers should ensure while putting up their coding projects for sale on PieceX:


  • The files that the developer uploads should be arranged in a manner such that it is easy to comprehend and manipulate.
  • The code should be updated so that it agrees with the current trends of the industry. The design should be aesthetic and agreeable to the targeted industry.
  • The developer should provide a user guide for a better understanding of the source code. It should include the process to install the code, format, and customize it.
  • Ensure that the source code does not include parts of a third-party code or any open-source code. 
  • The developers who include visual aids to support the understanding of the buyers regarding technical aspects have a higher chance of getting a great deal. Note that most buyers do not have any knowledge about the technicalities or the working of the code. 
  • If you want to upload a source code in the form of a .zip file that exceeds the limit of 450 MB, then you will have to send a mail to the support branch of PieceX. 
  • Make sure that your PieceX profile is updated with your PayPal account or any other mode of payment. You will have to verify the details submitted so that you can receive the amount and rewards after your source code is bought.

Benefits of Selling at PieceX

Software engineers and developers tend to work on a lot of projects during their job, giving them a chance to create several CSS or PHP website or c# projects. People around the world require these codes to integrate into their library as they create an app or other software. These codes don’t need to be extensive and complex; they can be targeted for a single feature such as an automated chatbot. 

As developers, you may have source codes from your past projects. What if you were to get a chance to earn money by reusing your side projects like code PHP scripts or a food delivery app template? By selling these codes to the people who need to build a framework for their app, not only do they earn a side income, but they also provide solutions for various companies. 


Here are some of the benefits that developers and sellers can get by using PieceX to sell their PHP scripts:


  • Reuse source codes 
You may have written code for a part of the software for a past project. The code can be implemented with other software which provides similar services. You can sell the code to such people who provide those services and hence earn revenue on a code that you had already written. 


  • AI-Based system 
You do not have to assess and decide the price of your source code by taking in various complex factors into the calculation. At PieceX, the final price of the product is decided by AI software. It manages and assesses the cost of each source code available on PieceX and, with the help of that data, provides the right price for your source code. 


The AI system takes various internal and external factors into consideration to get a cost estimation of the given project. With every update and change of the product, one can increase the price of their product. The AI system ensures that the sellers get a better return of investment on their product. 


  • Multiple buyers 
Are you skeptical that once you upload your code to sell, no one will buy it? PieceX has a large number of individual buyers as well as enterprises that are interested in buying various source codes. You can set the initial price of the source code as per the number of interested buyers and the usability of your code.  
PieceX Enterprise program
PieceX not just provides solutions to individuals or start-ups that need quick solutions and a finished source code for quick execution. We are customized to provide solutions to enterprises as well. Companies and organizations with a full-fledged team of software engineers can find source codes in the extensive library of PieceX. You can merge these codes into the software of the enterprise. Thus, PieceX helps various enterprises reach their solution by getting the desired source code in the least amount of time. 


The technical team of the enterprise can spend their resources and time developing the unique features of the software and buy the standard framework of the software from PieceX. The process cannot just save the time of the team but also increase productivity and influx of new ideas. 


Empathizing with the needs of various tech companies spread across the world, PieceX provides special enterprise programs so that it can address the needs of these companies. We ensure that buying a source code from a third-party developer is completely safe under the enterprise plan. Moreover, you can easily integrate the source code obtained through this method with the existing framework that the enterprise owns. 


Also, enterprises can sell their own source codes to other people who might need them. The selling is also secured. To get the benefits of the enterprise program, you can sign up on the enterprise page. Once you have signed up, customer support will help you get the best source codes for your project. Additionally, they will also guide you through setting the appropriate price for the source code that you want to sell using the PieceX platform. 

Affiliate and PieceX Partner    

PieceX Affiliate:

PieceX offers a multi-featured affiliate program. It is a step to show gratitude to the people who have helped build the community at PieceX with their services and hard work. The community at PieceX comprises developers, software engineers, enterprises, and marketers. All of these people have one aim: to boost the productivity of the industry as a whole. The buyers and sellers who spread the word for PieceX and its services are offered affiliate programs to thank them for their loyalty. Because of their trust and recommendations, PieceX could grow its community through the years and procure such an extensive library of source codes and other products. 

Affiliates can refer PieceX to their friends, family, and colleagues. The referral code provided by an affiliate earns them 10% of the first transaction made by their referral. By providing a part of sales to the affiliates, PieceX aims to create a platform where people can easily find the source code that they need to kick start their business. 

The affiliates are paid through different payment methods, including cash, as per their needs. The affiliates do not need to buy or sell a source code themselves to become a part of the program. Any person who recommends and shares the services of PieceX is eligible to sign up for the program. Whether you own a blog, a YouTube channel, or any other means through which you advise your audience about using PieceX, you can sign up for the program and gain a share of the first transaction. 

Each transaction completed by your referral will be shown on the dashboard available on the website. Through the dashboard, you can track the money that you make from your recommendations. 


PieceX Partner:

PieceX partners get a multitude of strategies and plan to ensure that the partners can increase their revenue and earnings. This is aided by improving and analyzing the data provided. The data of the firm is studied such that it can monitor the growth of the company and implement promotional techniques to overcome the current shortcomings. 

At PieceX, the partner program is for well-established companies that can share the affiliate link of PieceX to their consumer base. For each purchase made using the affiliate link, the partner can earn 5% of the transaction made. 

The companies can become partners at PieceX by applying to PieceX Admin, and after approval, they can begin sharing their affiliate links with others. The application is available on the website. 

PieceX Partner program, sell source code with us

Free source code available at PieceX

As per the referral programs offered at PieceX, when a referral registers their account at PieceX through your referral link, you and your friend each get 100 points. One can invite as many friends as they can and earn 100 points for each. These points can be used to purchase any script or service from PeiceX. The link for the referral program can be created through the website and shared through various options, including SMS, email, and other texting apps. 


Free products hosted at PieceX 

PieceX aims to promote the development and progress of the technical community through all means possible. That is why we also offer a plethora of free products at PieceX that can be downloaded and accessed by anyone without any additional costs. Developers can offer essential resources, source codes, and much more for free. 

The developers and contributors who provide their codes for free to enrich the library at PieceX are awarded points added to their account. These points can be used in any transaction at PieceX while buying a source code or any other product. 


Not only that, but PieceX also offers some of the paid products for free. The list changes every week and is available under Weekly Free Source Code. You can sign up for the free newsletter released by PieceX to get updated regarding free source code in different languages and categories, which is added to the library along with the codes available for free every week. 


The free scripts, along with various other language source codes, can be customized and used by anyone to fit their criteria of requirements and demands. 

Free source code available at PieceX