Tips on How to Win PieceX OSS Seller Contest

Tips on How to Win PieceX OSS Seller Contest

PieceX Blog How Win Seller Contest

As you all know, PieceX OSS has been released, and with it comes yet another PieceX Seller Contest with a prize pool of $1,000! Since the last contest was a major success and many of you participated (and won), we believe it’s time to give you a few tips on how to win this year’s Seller Contest.

But before we dive in, let’s talk a little bit about the contest. The contest is divided into 3 categories: Open Source Support, Web, and Mobile.

The way it works is, you list your project on the PieceX platform in one of those categories after the start date and the product that gets the most amount of sales after 3 months, wins!

So without further ado, let’s get into some tips and tricks on how to win the PieceX Seller Contest.

Stay Ahead of The Curve

The earlier the better! The contest starts in March and lasts for 3 months, so the earlier you list your project, the longer time you will have to get sales.

So stay ahead of the curve and list as many projects as early as possible to increase your chances at winning the contest and earning the most.

Join in All Categories

Since there are 3 different brackets, if you have listings in all 3 categories, your chances of winning one of them get significantly higher.

Aside from the exposure and earnings you’ll make with every sale in each separate category, when you join each category you compete in its separate bracket and so if you join all, you compete in 3 different contests.

And who knows? Maybe if you work hard enough, you can win all three!

Study The Trends

Let’s face it, like any industry, the Tech industry has favorites. Sometimes people are all about Mobile Games and other times the craze is all over Web Design Temps. The software industry is ever-changing and barely stays in its place.

That’s why it’s very important that you study the current trends and find out which project is currently most needed and demanded by the market. 

This way, you won’t have to put great effort in getting your project out there as its content will already sell itself.

Advertise Your Project

This is the most important part of the process. Like any functional and successful marketplace, PieceX does its part in featuring some products and giving users an algorithm based on their choices and searches.

However, like any marketplace, PieceX’s advertisement stops at that. It is very important that you advertise and market your product using your own means.

You can start by reaching out to your respective audience. For example, if you are offering Open Source Support, then it’s important to spread the word to the developers currently using your Open Source Code and to spread the word in the Open Source Community.

Social Media is also a very strong weapon. If your company has a page on Facebook or a Niche Subreddit, you can always tell people that your Mobile App is up for sale on PieceX

This way you will get the word out about your product and you will manage to get as many sales as possible.

Start Now

Don’t wait! The contest is up and this is finally your chance to make use of all the Source Code you spent hours and days developing, make money from it, AND get a reward.

What are you waiting for? The PieceX team believes in you.


Trending Game Templates To Jumpstart Your Game Startup

Trending Game Templates To Jumpstart Your Game Startup

In the Software Development sect, Mobile games are currently one of the most in-demand and profitable ventures in the world.

Everyone from young to old is constantly downloading and playing mobile games at their homes, their office, even their transportation.

iOS and Android game libraries are constantly developing and new things keep showing up every moment, and so the PieceX Marketplace (the first AI powered marketplace for buying and selling Source Code) is full of great game templates that can be customized into your own classic game.

Here are 5 trending templates in our PieceX Marketplace that we believe could help you jumpstart your Game Startup.

Frontline Army Commando War Battle Template

This shooter game template is very popular these days. With the rise of PubG and Fortnite Mobile, shooter games have become one of the most commonly played games in the market.

This customizable and reskinable endless shooter game has many different styled missions ranging from all out battle to assassinations, giving it great dynamic gameplay and making it a very good base to start your Game Startup.

That’s why it’s an important product in the PieceX Marketplace.

Stickman Shooter Zombie Game Unity Template

Engaging 2D games are incredibly fun and trending at the moment. You can find this Zombie Stickman 2D game in the PieceX Marketplace. It is developed on Unity and is very easy to customize and reskin.

It is also fully integrated with Ad Mob, Share Native, Unity Ads and other ad applications in order to quickly start monetizing your game as soon as it is released.

All you have to do is market for your Game Startup and you are good to go.

Bubble Shooter Game Template

Bubble Shooter is a ready to publish game template of the most popular genre for mobile platforms. You do not need to know any programming language to configure and use it. It is very easy to fill with your own tasks, make UI changes, make more levels , start to gain experience in promoting your game and earning money.

It is built with Unity and is currently available in the PieceX Marketplace, making it a genuine fun easy to play template for your Game Startup.

Draw Road Race Game Template

A game for engaging endless run enthusiasts, this drawing to proceed game is a very strategic and fun template for all ages.

It is an endless on the go game that is highly recommended by the PieceX Marketplace team (Personally tested and highly enjoyed).

You can quickly customize it, add cars, add maps, and run it as your own Game Startup in no time.

Christmas Word Search Game Template

Since before the 50s, people were playing word puzzles in the newspapers and haven’t stopped until now.

With smartphones, people are now enjoying those games with unlimited levels. Make your own Christmas style Word Puzzle game and start earning money from your Game Startup.


Those games and many more are available at the PieceX Marketplace and you can easily browse and pick your favorite at any given time, helping you and your company jumpstart your game startup and make it all the way across the very active software development market.

For more info, make sure to visit PieceX’s Knowledgebase blog.

How To Price Your Software Source Code

How To Price Your Software Source Code

PieceX Pricing Source Code with AI Pricing

In the Tech Industry, selling software components or Source Code is a lot like selling a business. This may sound questionable, but hear us out.

The Source Code your company’s Dev team worked so hard to develop is not simply a software product. Depending on its features and size, it could potentially be the base of an entire business and could potentially generate massive amounts of revenue in the future.

Now we come to one of the main concerns of a Tech Startup, which is Pricing Source Code. It is no surprise that Pricing Source Code is one of the most confusing things a corporation faces when selling Source Code.

In this article, PieceX, the first AI-powered Marketplace for Buying & Selling Source Code, will take you through the two main methods for Pricing Source Code: Manual Pricing & AI Pricing.

Manual Pricing

To manually price your Source Code, you will need to go through a thorough process that includes multiple steps. Those steps serve as a collective of market research, target psychology, and algorithmics.

If you are not doing AI Pricing, here is a breakdown of how it should manually work:-

  • Measuring Demand & Supply

The first step of the process to pricing source code is to measure the amount of demand your project has versus the amount of supply it already has on the market.

For example, if your project is a POS system with very unique specifics to a certain industry that is heavily reliant on it, you may find that the demand is quite high for it while the supply isn’t common. Taking that into account while you are in the pricing source code phase, it is only natural that this project would be more financially valuable than, let’s say, a photo editing app, which is highly common and easily reskin-able.

  • Evaluating Potential Revenue

Here comes the next step. Unlike AI Pricing, with manual pricing you will need to do a lot of evaluation for your project as a potential revenue stream. This means, if someone buys your project, how much money can they potentially make with it.

Source Code for a transportation system with perfect tracking and payment setup can, depending on the features, be the next Uber, which would make its value as a project very high as it has all the software components and tech basis to compete with major Apps and software.

Evaluating potential revenue using clear cut analysis is essential for pricing source code.

  • Following the Algorithmic Formula

Now that we have clear numeric values for potential revenue as well as demand & supply, we can proceed by moving onto our formula.

This formula is an equation that navigates the value by which the project is equated in the industry with the potential revenue that could come from it. The potential revenue is then affected directly by supply and demand (increasing or decreasing its value based on how much it is needed).

The final price comes from that equation and where it stands amongst the Average Market Price.

AI Pricing

When pricing source code, the previous process requires a heavy accounting team that knows exactly what they’re doing and have a strong tech background.

This is usually not very feasible if you work on multiple projects and need to focus on your company’s tech and production rather than pricing and numbers.

That’s where AI Pricing comes in. The second main method for pricing source code is AI Pricing. In some Source Code Marketplaces such as PieceX, you will find that all listed products are priced automatically through the PieceX’s strongly optimized AI Pricing System.

This AI Pricing System, not only has the ability to analyze the Average Market Price, it also measures demand and supply and equates all factors into the pricing when you are selling source code.

One of the major advantages of AI Pricing is that it not only lists your project with the perfect suitable price, it is also not static. It is constantly measuring market variables and making sure to adapt your project’s price to its current market value.

This is why PieceX adopts AI Pricing as its main solution to pricing source code because it serves as a great tech based substitute to following the heavy manual pricing process and assists Tech Startups and enterprises expand their revenue on the PieceX Marketplace simply and without hassle.

For more valuable information, visit our Knowledgbase and read more!

How to Start Your Tech Business: A PieceX Step-By-Step Guide

How to Start Your Tech Business: A PieceX Step-By-Step Guide

You finally have a good grasp on Software Development, you know your code, have your keyboard ready and want to create the next Multi-Million Dollar App and make it big in Silicon Valley.

Before rushing into code, the PieceX Team would like you to take a quick look at the Tech Industry. Like any other, the Tech Industry is centered around business. It is based on massive market research on demand and supply, creating the correct product, and distributing it to the right potential customer.

With tech, however, the nature of your solution differs. The technical aspect of any kind of Tech Startup is usually riddled with bugs and problems. So let’s go through it together. While there is never a guaranteed perfect plan to becoming a successful Tech Startup, here is our PieceX Step-By-Step formula on how to create yours.

Define, Create, & Validate Your MVP

Before getting into anything, the first thing you need to do is think of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). This falls more towards the business side. So what exactly is an MVP?

To put it in simple terms, an MVP is the most minimalistic version of your product. A simple design that showcases how your product solves the problem it is made for and how it can be a solution.

After you define it and have an exact idea how it should work, you start moving towards actually creating it, building a base version that includes all the features your Tech Startup should aim to support for the Tech Industry.

Once you have that, you begin validating it by surveying whether your product actually provides a solution and improves the lives of those using it. You start equating whether people are willing to invest in this project and how much profit can you earn if you play all your cards right.

Build a Team of Developers

We now have an idea, a prototype of the idea, and a validated MVP. We can now actually move forward to becoming an actual Tech Startup.

In the Tech Industry, all Startups have a team, and to build a decent product, you need decent developers, but based on our PieceX experience, this process is usually difficult.

Finding the perfect members to participate in your team can be one of two things, either costly or time consuming. This works in the sense that you will have to find the right front-end developer, back-end developer and several language experts and pay each of them competitive salaries, or find developers willing to invest their efforts into your Tech Startup and gaining shares in it rather than strong payment options.

If you can’t afford either of those two things, stay put, we at PieceX still have a major option for you.

Seek Funding From Investors

In all cases, your tech startup needs funding to survive. Whether it’s the tools you will need to purchase or the salaries you will need to pay, you will most likely need funding.

Some Tech Startups choose to limit their funding to personal funding and not going to investors in order to gain complete control over their business. This usually needs a capital that you personally own and in most cases doesn’t work.

The iconic way is to begin seeking investors from various different Tech Industry Sects that would be interested in your product. Since you have a good MVP at the moment and a quick prototype to show, you should be able to convince investors with why your product is the next big thing and gain funding for it to be able to grow as a business.

Start Coding and Developing Your Project

You have a base for a validated product, a team of developers, and good funding, now it’s your time to shine. It’s finally your space to put all those years of Software Development into action and crafting your very own Tech Startup!

There are many methods to go through with it, here are two of the main methods people use in the Tech Industry:-

  • Develop From Scratch

While this option can be handy and useful as you will be the owner of every in-and-out of your Tech Startup, it is faced with two major issues, time and cost. Developing your App or Platform from scratch can take months if not years to perfect. It will need an immense capital in order to sustain your Tech Team and provide them with all the tools they need, which is why PieceX always advises Tech Startups NOT to develop from scratch

  • Buy Source Code

Rather than waste time and resources building everything from the ground up, you can always purchase, integrate, and customize ready-to-publish Source Code. The way to do that is by finding guaranteed Source Code Marketplaces to acquire the code most suitable for your Tech Startup and optimizing it for your business. PieceX offers a wide library of inspected Source Code with ongoing support and security measures to give your business the push it needs.

Generate Passive Income

We finally reached the end. You built your App or Platform. Your Startup has a good Business Model and is now working on increasing revenue to survive in the hustle-and-bustle of the Tech industry. That’s not the end of it.

Nowadays, businesses focus massively on generating passive income. There are various methods to do so. The most prominent method is to begin Selling Source Code. Due to infinite possibilities of sale, good source code can earn your business a great amount of revenue just by listing it on a sustainable Source Code Marketplace such as PieceX.

PieceX offers Startups and businesses of any size the chance to reuse and Sell Source Code onto its Marketplace giving them the ability to expose themselves within a community of 50,000+ Tech Startups and Enterprises as well as generate passive revenue over time.

Read More Articles like this at the PieceX Knowledge-Base Blog.