The Most Crucial Things To Do Before Starting Your Software Dev Project

The Most Crucial Things To Do Before Starting Your Software Dev Project

the most crucial things to do before starting your software dev project article by PieceX

Whether it’s to upgrade its current internal software system or to build its very own software solution, every software company needs to consider multiple variables before it dives deep into the software development.

This vastly includes Enterprise Resource Planning among other things that a software company needs to do first. In this PieceX quick guide, we will go through the main things needed for a software company to delve into its very own software project.

Enterprise Resource Planning

You may think that a software company is constantly prepared to hop in a software project at a moment’s notice, however that is widely mistaken. Despite the fact that a software company is focused mainly on developing software, it is still a business. 

The business side is equally as important (if not more) than the tech side of the company, and that’s why before any project, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), is essential.

Enterprise Resource Planning systems are vastly popular, however, It’s not having a good system that matters as much as how to use it. It is important for a software company to not only determine the budget for the project but also the categorizations, human resource, financial distribution, and time. 

Hence, creating an Enterprise Resource Planning section for the project alone (aside from the software company as a whole) is one of the main steps any software company should take before beginning their software project.

Team Project Management

It is important for the software company to delegate the project to a specified team, and building a team is a huge step. Rather than creating ready teams and delegating multiple projects to them, it has proven to be much more successful if a single team takes the lead on a single project.

This will require building a small hierarchy including a project manager responsible for the team, product manager responsible for the product, core software developers, and ofcourse scrum masters.

Once the team structure is well built, you will have a good standing before rushing into the project.

Requirements Re-check

One of the most common issues that software companies face is that the requirements for the project (whether internal or external) can sometimes be a little unclear.

Before your tech team jumps in, re-checking the requirements of the project and asking as many questions as possible could save tons of time later when the project is delivered as it won’t need to be redone.

Aside from that, Enterprise Resource Planning can help you allocate the right resources for each requirement in order to steadily move forward with the project.

Software Component Attainment

The final step in the process is to get the necessary components to shorten the time and resources used for your software projects. This includes purchasing ready to use Source Code or getting the necessary support for the Open Source Code that you are using for your project.

More than 55,000+ users in different software companies are currently frequenting the PieceX Marketplace in order to get the necessary components and modules for their software projects and cut the time and cost of their software development by 80%.


You have all your Enterprise Resource Planning ready, your team is on standby, and your software components are in place, now is the time to do what you do best! Code!

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