How to Sell Software Source Code on PieceX

How to Sell Software Source Code on PieceX

With a massive number of transactions and sales as well as a user base that goes beyond tens of thousands of buyers and sellers, PieceX is now known to be one of the most prominent and profitable marketplaces for Selling Software Source Code.

One of the main reasons for that is that the process to sell software source code has been made quite delicate and simple by the PieceX team.

In this tutorial, we will take a step-by-step walk through on how to sell your software in the PieceX Marketplace.

Step 1: Sign Up To PieceX

Sign up section of the PieceX Website in order to sell software source Code & add user

The first step to selling your software source code is to create a PieceX Account. The way to do this is quite simple; you will only have to go to this link and then fill out the form.

After you fill out the form, the Captcha, and click on “Create Account“, you will have a fully functional PieceX account that you can later use to sell your software.

P.S: Skip this step if you already have a PieceX Account.

Step 2: Log In to PieceX

PieceX Log In Page used to sell software source code

This step is quite simple, if you already created your account or if you already have one, you will simply sign in to the PieceX Platform. In the Homepage you’ll find a button on the top right that says “Sign In“.

You can click that to reach this page or simply just click here.

Step 3: Access The Seller Portal

Sell Software Source Code Through The PieceX Homepage

You’ve signed in and you’re logged into your account. You’ll head back to the Homepage and you’ll hover your mouse over “Sell” on the heading bar of the homepage. When your mouse is on it, you’ll find a drop down menu that has the Phrase “Sell Codes“.

Click on “Sell Codes” and you’ll be transported to the PieceX Seller Portal for selling software source code.

Step 4: Go Through Quality Guidelines

Start Selling Quality Guidelines PieceX to Sell Software

As soon as you get transported to the PieceX Seller Portal, you will be asked to acknowledge the Product Quality Guidelines.

Those guidelines include the scope of software you would be able to sell on the PieceX Marketplace, the listing guidelines, the kind of user guide documentation you need to upload with your project, and the integration needed for it.

Once you read the Guidelines and acknowledge that the PieceX QA team will be inspecting the projects you list, you can click on “Start Selling” in order to begin selling software source code.

You can also read more about the Quality Guidelines here.

Step 5: Update Your Account

Update Your Account Page After Sign In for Selling Software Source Code on PieceX

After you acknowledge the Quality Guidelines, you will be asked to update your account if you haven’t already. This banner will not show up if you had already updated that info in your account.

If it shows up, however, click on “Edit” and you’ll be transported to the account info page where you will be asked to provide some info, that goes as follows:-

Update Your Account Page After Si

For legal purposes you will be asked to provide info such as your name, your phone number, your country, city, and address.

All that info will be necessary, and would be greatly useful for you to add a small introduction about yourself as a software developer or as a business/company listing its projects.

This adds legitimacy and allows you to be able to access the platform and start selling your Software Source Code.

After submitting the required details, you can go back to the Seller Portal and start uploading your product.

Step 6: Upload Your Project

To start selling software source code on the PieceX marketplace, you will need to list it first. The process to upload your project may be the trickiest part, however, we will go through it together and simplify it as best as we can.

Uploading a Project is a 2-Part process. The first part will be uploading the details of your project.


PieceX Upload Project Details in order to sell software source code

Let’s take it step by step as to not get confused by any of the requirements for listing the project:-

Source Code Title: This simply implies the name of the Project, what title will be viewed later by buyers when they browse for products or see it.
Source Code Description: In this section, you will try to describe your Source Code, what it is, what its used for, what platforms it applies to, etc..
Source Code Features: Make sure to list the features of your project itself, its functionality, what kind of unique options it has, how customizable is it, etc..
Tags: You may then add Tags that are relevant to your project. Most likely, you will find the tag you think describes your project best already there, but if not, you can write down your tag name and add it to the PieceX Directory.
Programming Language: You will have to select the programming language/s that are applicable in your project, however, you may not add your own.
Live Preview URL (Optional): Make use of this field to add a URL of a live preview of your project and how it works if you so choose. Projects with Live Preview URLs have a higher Sales Rate than other projects.
Video URL (Optional): This field is also optional, any video relevant to the software source code you are selling is applicable here. Projects with Video URLs also have a higher Sales Rate than other projects.
Primary Image: The primary image is the cover image that appears as a display to your project in the Marketplace, it is important to upload a good well-designed Primary Image as it affects the general outlook of the project. If you have hardship with that, you can use the PieceX Image Creator to assist you with that. (Read more about it here)
Sub Image: This includes images that come alongside the Primary Image appearing when someone visits your Product Page.

Once you are done filling out all the required fields, you can then choose to either continue to the Publish Page of the project by clicking “Next” or if you choose to come back later, you can click on “Save Draft” and it will be saved in the “My Products” Page on your Dashboard, easily accessible to you at any time to continue with the publishing process.


If you are ready to sell your software source code and you click on “Next“, you will be moved to the “Publish” Page as it appears below:-

Publish Page PieceX Sell Software Source Code

Now comes the final step, which is uploading the necessary files in order to sell software source code on the PieceX Marketplace.

User Guide Document:-

This document is an essential addition in the PieceX Marketplace. It is a document that you need to upload to give out all the necessary information about your code that a user needs in order to be able to utilize your code. You may download a sample user guide to use as reference and the document you upload must be in PDF Format.

You can also read more about how to create a User Guide Here.

Upload Item:-

As simple as it sounds. In this section, you will simply upload your software project. Make sure it is less than 450 MBs and make sure to upload it in .zip format. Be careful to take a big look at your code before listing it as to pass the inspection process of PieceX’s QA team.

Free of Charge: Checking this box means your Software Project will be listed for free.

Price: Make sure to put down how much you value your product and PieceX’s dynamic AI Pricing will study the market, and optimize your product’s price regularly as to allow you to gain the most amount of profit from it as the market fluctuates.


A) Standard Support:-

You may Opt to allow your product to have a “Request Support” feature that allows buyers to reach out to you for support within 6 months of the purchase, giving you the chance to help out with technical questions, updates regarding reported bugs, and guidance in functionality.

B) Extended Support:-

Offer Extended Support - Sell Software Source Code on PieceX


Just like the image above. If you would like to offer subscription based support, that option is also available. To earn extra revenue, you can head over to your product after it is published and allow extended support for specific pricing.

offer extended support - input of info to sell software source code on piecex

The way this works is by writing down full plans including the timeframe, what is included in the support plan, and what services will be provided. You can know more about extended support from here.

Step 7: Sell Software Source Code

After you are completely done with the Publishing process, you can then click on “Publish“. Once you do, your product will go through PieceX’s QA Inspection process, and then it will be published onto the PieceX Marketplace and ready for sale.

Editing Your Project

You may also edit your project at any time through the following Method:-

1. Go to your Dashboard from the Homepage:-

Dashboard on PieceX - Sell Software Source Code

 2. Click on “My Products”:-

My Products PieceX Sell Software Source Code

3. Edit Your Project:- 

Edit PieceX Project after Selling Software Source Code


If you follow this Step-By-Step Guide, you will have your project listed completely on the PieceX Marketplace and you can begin selling software source code, and generating a passive revenue stream as well providing support for a massive community of developers.

If you have more questions, make sure to visit our FAQs or reach out to our friendly support team through our email:

How To Price Your Software Source Code

How To Price Your Software Source Code

PieceX Pricing Source Code with AI Pricing

In the Tech Industry, selling software components or Source Code is a lot like selling a business. This may sound questionable, but hear us out.

The Source Code your company’s Dev team worked so hard to develop is not simply a software product. Depending on its features and size, it could potentially be the base of an entire business and could potentially generate massive amounts of revenue in the future.

Now we come to one of the main concerns of a Tech Startup, which is Pricing Source Code. It is no surprise that Pricing Source Code is one of the most confusing things a corporation faces when selling Source Code.

In this article, PieceX, the first AI-powered Marketplace for Buying & Selling Source Code, will take you through the two main methods for Pricing Source Code: Manual Pricing & AI Pricing.

Manual Pricing

To manually price your Source Code, you will need to go through a thorough process that includes multiple steps. Those steps serve as a collective of market research, target psychology, and algorithmics.

If you are not doing AI Pricing, here is a breakdown of how it should manually work:-

  • Measuring Demand & Supply

The first step of the process to pricing source code is to measure the amount of demand your project has versus the amount of supply it already has on the market.

For example, if your project is a POS system with very unique specifics to a certain industry that is heavily reliant on it, you may find that the demand is quite high for it while the supply isn’t common. Taking that into account while you are in the pricing source code phase, it is only natural that this project would be more financially valuable than, let’s say, a photo editing app, which is highly common and easily reskin-able.

  • Evaluating Potential Revenue

Here comes the next step. Unlike AI Pricing, with manual pricing you will need to do a lot of evaluation for your project as a potential revenue stream. This means, if someone buys your project, how much money can they potentially make with it.

Source Code for a transportation system with perfect tracking and payment setup can, depending on the features, be the next Uber, which would make its value as a project very high as it has all the software components and tech basis to compete with major Apps and software.

Evaluating potential revenue using clear cut analysis is essential for pricing source code.

  • Following the Algorithmic Formula

Now that we have clear numeric values for potential revenue as well as demand & supply, we can proceed by moving onto our formula.

This formula is an equation that navigates the value by which the project is equated in the industry with the potential revenue that could come from it. The potential revenue is then affected directly by supply and demand (increasing or decreasing its value based on how much it is needed).

The final price comes from that equation and where it stands amongst the Average Market Price.

AI Pricing

When pricing source code, the previous process requires a heavy accounting team that knows exactly what they’re doing and have a strong tech background.

This is usually not very feasible if you work on multiple projects and need to focus on your company’s tech and production rather than pricing and numbers.

That’s where AI Pricing comes in. The second main method for pricing source code is AI Pricing. In some Source Code Marketplaces such as PieceX, you will find that all listed products are priced automatically through the PieceX’s strongly optimized AI Pricing System.

This AI Pricing System, not only has the ability to analyze the Average Market Price, it also measures demand and supply and equates all factors into the pricing when you are selling source code.

One of the major advantages of AI Pricing is that it not only lists your project with the perfect suitable price, it is also not static. It is constantly measuring market variables and making sure to adapt your project’s price to its current market value.

This is why PieceX adopts AI Pricing as its main solution to pricing source code because it serves as a great tech based substitute to following the heavy manual pricing process and assists Tech Startups and enterprises expand their revenue on the PieceX Marketplace simply and without hassle.

For more valuable information, visit our Knowledgbase and read more!

4 Reasons Why Your Company Needs PieceX Wallet

4 Reasons Why Your Company Needs PieceX Wallet

When businesses grow, they find themselves in a position where their need for technical solutions increases. Their reliance on automation and software/web development reaches highs they never assumed they’d reach.

When that happens, companies (even those completely unrelated to tech) end up having to hire Dev teams. Those Dev teams are often responsible for various different projects that could range from anything: Internal Systems, Mobile Applications, Billing Software, and even in some occasions, Office Games.

However, the development process is long and tiresome so in order to save a lot of resources, many Dev teams worldwide acquire source code online through open-source communities or reliable marketplaces for buying and selling inspected code such as PieceX.

We’ve noticed that a lot of problems have risen in this area. Not only is it that most businesses don’t have enough knowledge in the development sector, but it is often that they manage teams that work on multiple different projects simultaneously. This adds difficulty for them to know which source code to buy and how much source code they need.

This is why we developed the PieceX Wallet. The aim of this wallet is to assist conglomerates and major corporations supply their developer teams with access to our entire marketplace.

Here are the 4 main reasons why your company needs it.

Time Efficiency

Once your business starts working on Software/Web development, or in the case that you are a tech company with many teams, you’ll find that you’re simultaneously working on various projects.

Each one of those projects is accompanied with a team that needs their very own set of resources in order to work. Which means that each team may need to purchase their own source code for their own project.

Now it is very possible for each member of the team to create an account and then head over to the accounting sector in order to get the finances suitable to purchase the source code they need for their project, but in the corporate world, this kind of process is very time consuming, specially if the company is big because they’d have to move through a ladder of hierarchy and cross departments in order to get access to the resources they need.

The PieceX Wallet solves that issue because it allows the company to put a budget in their own account for the entire tech department, giving them the ability to utilize the budget on the PieceX Marketplace to access any and all types of Source Code at all times.

Cost Reduction

Every purchase you ever make online goes through a payment service. That payment service almost always takes a fee for the transaction that you make.

Even your bank transfers are usually accompanied with a fee. In big conglomerates with many projects, it is very common for a team to need a lot of source code for different things, constantly purchasing separate products on the PieceX platform.

Though it may seem minimal, in the long run, the transaction fees that your company pays could add up to a pretty high sum of money that could have been utilized differently for the company.

Once you apply credit in the PieceX Wallet, any and ALL transactions on the PieceX Marketplace have 0 transaction fees, which would save you and your company a lot of money.

Reward Access

Having a budget allocated in the PieceX Wallet allows you to use any and all PieceX rewards. This means you have full access to the loyalty program and can make use of the points you’ve made and make more points as you purchase.

You can also access other rewards such as discounts codes and coupons and apply them into your Wallet purchases.

Team Flexibility

In addition to the resources that you can save, having a PieceX Wallet in your corporate account gives your team the control they need to work on their projects.

This also helps provide them with the trust to choose what they need and access the PieceX Marketplace whenever they want to buy the source code that will help them finish their work diligently, leaving the expertise to the experts.


PieceX Wallet provides a unique solution for corporate and individuals alike, giving them the chance to control their budgets, limit loss, gain easy access to resources, and empower their teams

Visit PieceX Wallet here, and gain unlimited access to a library of Source Code.

You can also visit the blog for more informative articles:-

How to get more sales on PieceX

How to get more sales on PieceX

In this blog, we will discover some tactics about how to increase your sales at PieceX. If you want to sell a plugin, an app template, scripts or any kind of codebase project,

Here’s a list of tips you need to know in order to grow your presence as a PieceX seller and your income via selling your source code.


1. PieceX dynamic pricing.

PieceX it’s the only AI-powered platform to sell your source code. One of the best features which this marketplace offers, is the AI-based system that fluctuate the product pricing making your products more competitive and helping you close more sales. If you want to a weekly summary of your product’s pricing, please go to your “Account” and select the option to receive weekly price notifications. 

2 Create a nice looking cover image for your product

The product primary Image is very important for people to get the first glimpse at your product.

Make sure it’s the right ratio image, so in the product listing it look the best possible. Insert some text into the picture like the list of features. this will get potential buyers to understand your product straight away. Make sure to spend some time into making the picture compelling (no one wants to click on an ugly image). You can check out our recommendations and tips on how to create the main image here

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How to get more sales on PieceX

In this blog, we will discover some tactics about how to increase your sales at PieceX. If you want to sell a plugin, an app template, scripts or any kind of codebase project, Here's a list of tips you need to know in order to grow your...

A brief detail about our Enterprise Solutions

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How to create your User Guide

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3. Make sure you have a live demo 

You want to have a live demo that can show what your product looks like and its functionalities. Depending on the source code you want to sell, you need to have a functional demo that showcases your product on a desktop device, mobile, or tablet. This way people can see all the good features of your product and feel more inclined to make their purchase.

One more tip is to fill your demo website with real data. Avoid using placeholder images and the “loruim ipsum” text. It’s always more appealing to see a preview or a demo that shows nice esthetics and meaningful text. 

4. Invest some time creating your product description

You want to make sure that your product page has enough information about your product. This will let the user know what to expect from the live demo, how to use your source code, detailing the features, and what they expect once they buy the source code.

We encourage you to add more than just a couple of paragraphs. It is also advisable to add a couple of images.  Let the public know all the details about your product and why they may want to buy it.

Also, make sure that the how to use section is used the right way. you need to explain in details the dependencies and how to integrate your source code into a bigger project or how to use your PieceX source code product.