How to get more sales on PieceX

How to get more sales on PieceX

In this blog, we will discover some tactics about how to increase your sales at PieceX. If you want to sell a plugin, an app template, scripts or any kind of codebase project,

Here’s a list of tips you need to know in order to grow your presence as a PieceX seller and your income via selling your source code.


1. PieceX dynamic pricing.

PieceX it’s the only AI-powered platform to sell your source code. One of the best features which this marketplace offers, is the AI-based system that fluctuate the product pricing making your products more competitive and helping you close more sales. If you want to a weekly summary of your product’s pricing, please go to your “Account” and select the option to receive weekly price notifications. 

2 Create a nice looking cover image for your product

The product primary Image is very important for people to get the first glimpse at your product.

Make sure it’s the right ratio image, so in the product listing it look the best possible. Insert some text into the picture like the list of features. this will get potential buyers to understand your product straight away. Make sure to spend some time into making the picture compelling (no one wants to click on an ugly image). You can check out our recommendations and tips on how to create the main image here

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3. Make sure you have a live demo 

You want to have a live demo that can show what your product looks like and its functionalities. Depending on the source code you want to sell, you need to have a functional demo that showcases your product on a desktop device, mobile, or tablet. This way people can see all the good features of your product and feel more inclined to make their purchase.

One more tip is to fill your demo website with real data. Avoid using placeholder images and the “loruim ipsum” text. It’s always more appealing to see a preview or a demo that shows nice esthetics and meaningful text. 

4. Invest some time creating your product description

You want to make sure that your product page has enough information about your product. This will let the user know what to expect from the live demo, how to use your source code, detailing the features, and what they expect once they buy the source code.

We encourage you to add more than just a couple of paragraphs. It is also advisable to add a couple of images.  Let the public know all the details about your product and why they may want to buy it.

Also, make sure that the how to use section is used the right way. you need to explain in details the dependencies and how to integrate your source code into a bigger project or how to use your PieceX source code product.