When businesses grow, they find themselves in a position where their need for technical solutions increases. Their reliance on automation and software/web development reaches highs they never assumed they’d reach.

When that happens, companies (even those completely unrelated to tech) end up having to hire Dev teams. Those Dev teams are often responsible for various different projects that could range from anything: Internal Systems, Mobile Applications, Billing Software, and even in some occasions, Office Games.

However, the development process is long and tiresome so in order to save a lot of resources, many Dev teams worldwide acquire source code online through open-source communities or reliable marketplaces for buying and selling inspected code such as PieceX.

We’ve noticed that a lot of problems have risen in this area. Not only is it that most businesses don’t have enough knowledge in the development sector, but it is often that they manage teams that work on multiple different projects simultaneously. This adds difficulty for them to know which source code to buy and how much source code they need.

This is why we developed the PieceX Wallet. The aim of this wallet is to assist conglomerates and major corporations supply their developer teams with access to our entire marketplace.

Here are the 4 main reasons why your company needs it.

Time Efficiency

Once your business starts working on Software/Web development, or in the case that you are a tech company with many teams, you’ll find that you’re simultaneously working on various projects.

Each one of those projects is accompanied with a team that needs their very own set of resources in order to work. Which means that each team may need to purchase their own source code for their own project.

Now it is very possible for each member of the team to create an account and then head over to the accounting sector in order to get the finances suitable to purchase the source code they need for their project, but in the corporate world, this kind of process is very time consuming, specially if the company is big because they’d have to move through a ladder of hierarchy and cross departments in order to get access to the resources they need.

The PieceX Wallet solves that issue because it allows the company to put a budget in their own account for the entire tech department, giving them the ability to utilize the budget on the PieceX Marketplace to access any and all types of Source Code at all times.

Cost Reduction

Every purchase you ever make online goes through a payment service. That payment service almost always takes a fee for the transaction that you make.

Even your bank transfers are usually accompanied with a fee. In big conglomerates with many projects, it is very common for a team to need a lot of source code for different things, constantly purchasing separate products on the PieceX platform.

Though it may seem minimal, in the long run, the transaction fees that your company pays could add up to a pretty high sum of money that could have been utilized differently for the company.

Once you apply credit in the PieceX Wallet, any and ALL transactions on the PieceX Marketplace have 0 transaction fees, which would save you and your company a lot of money.

Reward Access

Having a budget allocated in the PieceX Wallet allows you to use any and all PieceX rewards. This means you have full access to the loyalty program and can make use of the points you’ve made and make more points as you purchase.

You can also access other rewards such as discounts codes and coupons and apply them into your Wallet purchases.

Team Flexibility

In addition to the resources that you can save, having a PieceX Wallet in your corporate account gives your team the control they need to work on their projects.

This also helps provide them with the trust to choose what they need and access the PieceX Marketplace whenever they want to buy the source code that will help them finish their work diligently, leaving the expertise to the experts.


PieceX Wallet provides a unique solution for corporate and individuals alike, giving them the chance to control their budgets, limit loss, gain easy access to resources, and empower their teams

Visit PieceX Wallet here, and gain unlimited access to a library of Source Code.

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