How & Why Finish Your Software Project

How & Why Finish Your Software Project

How and why finish your software project dev PieceX

Developers are constantly coming up with new ideas and software projects for their tech startups and sometimes for their own personal ventures. In the tech industry however, finishing a software project can be very demanding and exhausting as it requires great motivation to actually go through with it till the end.

In this article by PieceX, we will be going through how to maintain your motivation and what benefits you can get from finishing your Software Project.

Create a Plan

One of the main shortcomings in Software Projects is the lack of planning. It is very important for software developers to have a clear cut plan of what their schedule for this project will be.

The software project plan should include the preliminary timeline for coding, the testing phase, and the desired roll out for it depending on what you are using it for.

Distinguish Your Motive

One of the main reasons developers drop many of the software projects they work on is because they don’t have a motive for finishing them.

Whether it is to build a tech startup, help a client, or make your own indie game that you want to publish, It is very important to have a reason to continue working on your Software Project.

Build your Software Project

Here comes your favorite part, but also the trickiest. Building your software project doesn’t only take time but it also burns out resources.

It is very easy to get frustrated when met with a bug or got caught up with one line of code that simply won’t do what it is supposed to do.

This could lead to dropping the project or losing the motivation you had to work on it, but this also has many solutions.

If it gets overwhelming, you can always buy ready and inspected Source Code from the PieceX Marketplace and build on it. This could help you cut down the time and cost of your software project development by 80%.

It is also important to fall back to the plan and motive you had every time you feel like it got too much.

Why Finish Your Project

Finally, the most important question is why should a software developer really finish the project. PieceX has the answer to that:-

  1.  Publish Your Work

PieceX has many software developers, and so we know that it is essential for a Software developer to have a good portfolio of their work.

As long as you have a published software project under your (or your company) name, it is much more probable for you to work on more and more projects in the future.

  1.  Earn Profit

Most importantly, you can always earn profit by finishing your project. As an indie developer or a company, you could question how to do so when the project can merely only be used.

PieceX provides both the answer and the solution to that. On the PieceX Marketplace, you can list any software project that you finish for sale at any time. If you don’t know what to do with the project, it will be on a marketplace generating passive income and revenue for each sale you make.

Let’s say you are writing your code for the open source community, you can still publish your Open Source Code on PieceX and offer paid support for it. This new feature is called PieceX OSS and it is currently available on PieceX and accessible at any time.


While it may seem difficult to let your passion take over at all times, the PieceX team believes that if you put all the necessary effort, follow your plan, and constantly remind yourself of your motive, you can find the energy to keep pushing and trying to finish your project, not only for show, but to earn and make use of it in the future.

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