Why Should Your Business Consider Buying Source Code For Its Projects

Why Should Your Business Consider Buying Source Code For Its Projects

Article about why your business should consider buying software source code for your business written by the PieceX team

Source Code is the compilation of text, codes, symbols, and numbers that a computer programmer uses through their visual programming tool in order to create different types of software.

Of course source code isn’t just a file that contains lines of script, it makes up an entire software solution or application ranging from Web templates, PHP scripts, Mobile Applications, Game Templates, entire ERP systems, etc..

In this article, the PieceX team will walk you through the main reasons why your business (whether it is an enterprise or a startup) should consider using source code for its projects.

Time & Cost Reduction

Let’s start with the main reason most businesses opt out of hiring huge software teams and end up buying software source code for their project. 

The main reason is simple and widely proven, using software source code cuts down development time and cost by 80%. A single system that you are creating for your business can take up to multiple years to finish and could be very determined on having a big software development team.

A big dev team means high costs of development and software built from the ground up means long term commitment.

Software source code tackles that by making it possible to get ready-to-use software that you can manipulate into your own programming, massively lowering the time needed to complete the project as well as the amount of developers needed to do so.


One main concern for your business would be, do I have to find the perfect software source code for my business that just fits every little thing my project needs? The simple answer is no, not necessarily.

Software Source Code is highly customizable and modifiable to fit your needs and project requirements. Not just the basics of changing the UI (colors and logos etc..) but also when it comes to adding new features, removing unneeded parts and adding ones you desire for your project.

Depending on where you purchase your Source Code, but in leading marketplaces such as PieceX, every software source code on the platform is accompanied with a clear user guide to explain how it works and its functionality as well as customization services, making it even easier and quicker for your business to finalize the project.

Competitive Advantage

In today’s market, trends and use cases of projects are ever increasing. Businesses are no longer waiting to make changes and come up with new ideas to keep up with the age of speed.

It is possible to spend months and years building your very own project and then as your team grows and changes, you find that a lot of the things you are hoping to change are lost within the endless lines of code you’ve built.

If that happens, it would be very difficult and time-consuming to add a new modification to your project and then in that case, your competitors will be miles ahead of you.

Using software source code gives you great adaptability and allows your business to make quick choices with quick actions taken as it normally takes a lot less time to untangle and manage source code, specially if it was previously inspected to be 100% functional the way the PieceX team does it.


Software Source Code is highly volatile and freely accessing it gives your business an edge in the market as all your projects will be easy to imagine and publish, giving you the time to focus on the business aspect of things rather than the software side of the equation.

You can access a library of thoroughly inspected software source code at the PieceX Marketplace, guaranteeing AI regulated pricing that matches the current market value of the source code and industry-based browsing capabilities.

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Tips For Choosing Cryptocurrency Source Code

Tips For Choosing Cryptocurrency Source Code

The PieceX Marketplace has a multitude of different categories in its huge library of software source code. Among those categories is Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency code is currently massively in demand and the industry is heavily saturated. Every investor, company, or even hobbyist needs the right cryptocurrency software for them to be able to gauge the market, engage in trading, build their strategy, and more.

Though navigating the PieceX Marketplace is quite simple, knowing which cryptocurrency software you need may be relatively tricky, and that’s why the PieceX Team decided to help by giving tips on how to choose the perfect cryptocurrency software for your venture.

Determine Your Need

Before you hop in to choosing the cryptocurrency software you are buying, it is important to determine exactly what you are doing. Are you an investor looking to buy an app to modify for your crypto investment needs? Or are you a developer trying to build your very own cryptocurrency software?

Finding out exactly what you are looking to do will very much determine what kind of cryptocurrency software you need.

Let’s take an example. If you are trying to get into crypto and you are at very early stages of doing that, the first thing you’ll need to do is to build a strategy. Building a strategy for cryptocurrency is no easy or small feat. It takes very specific tools to help you have a good well-built strategy.

In that case, you will make sure to look for Cryptocurrency software that supports building a strategy such as Bot Multi Crypto for Binance as an example.

Understand Software Functionality

Cryptocurrency Software is one of the more complex software in the market. There are many different types of projects that you can choose from, and so, it is very important to understand how the project functions in order to know whether it is the project you are looking for or not.

For instance, a crypto exchange software such as Cryptomania Crypto Exchange Pro will be relatively different from a full on Stock Market/Cryptocurrency Application.

Both cryptocurrency softwares have their own separate functionality and so, to choose the one most suitable for you, it is important to understand what each software does.

Navigate the PieceX Marketplace

Navigating the PieceX Marketplace is probably one of the easier steps in the process. There is a specific category for cryptocurrency software in the PieceX Marketplace.

This category includes all kinds of cryptocurrency software, and it is the perfect spot for browsing through a variety of cryptocurrency software all in one place.

While browsing through different source code, you can bear in mind that each and every cryptocurrency software listed on the PieceX Marketplace has a user guide detailing how it works as well as an inspection button that allows you to view a bit of the source code to understand whether it is in fact what you need. 

It is also important to bear in mind that all cryptocurrency software listed on the PieceX Marketplace is 100% inspected by the PieceX QA team.

You can reach the PieceX cryptocurrency category from here.

The Most Crucial Things To Do Before Starting Your Software Dev Project

The Most Crucial Things To Do Before Starting Your Software Dev Project

the most crucial things to do before starting your software dev project article by PieceX

Whether it’s to upgrade its current internal software system or to build its very own software solution, every software company needs to consider multiple variables before it dives deep into the software development.

This vastly includes Enterprise Resource Planning among other things that a software company needs to do first. In this PieceX quick guide, we will go through the main things needed for a software company to delve into its very own software project.

Enterprise Resource Planning

You may think that a software company is constantly prepared to hop in a software project at a moment’s notice, however that is widely mistaken. Despite the fact that a software company is focused mainly on developing software, it is still a business. 

The business side is equally as important (if not more) than the tech side of the company, and that’s why before any project, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), is essential.

Enterprise Resource Planning systems are vastly popular, however, It’s not having a good system that matters as much as how to use it. It is important for a software company to not only determine the budget for the project but also the categorizations, human resource, financial distribution, and time. 

Hence, creating an Enterprise Resource Planning section for the project alone (aside from the software company as a whole) is one of the main steps any software company should take before beginning their software project.

Team Project Management

It is important for the software company to delegate the project to a specified team, and building a team is a huge step. Rather than creating ready teams and delegating multiple projects to them, it has proven to be much more successful if a single team takes the lead on a single project.

This will require building a small hierarchy including a project manager responsible for the team, product manager responsible for the product, core software developers, and ofcourse scrum masters.

Once the team structure is well built, you will have a good standing before rushing into the project.

Requirements Re-check

One of the most common issues that software companies face is that the requirements for the project (whether internal or external) can sometimes be a little unclear.

Before your tech team jumps in, re-checking the requirements of the project and asking as many questions as possible could save tons of time later when the project is delivered as it won’t need to be redone.

Aside from that, Enterprise Resource Planning can help you allocate the right resources for each requirement in order to steadily move forward with the project.

Software Component Attainment

The final step in the process is to get the necessary components to shorten the time and resources used for your software projects. This includes purchasing ready to use Source Code or getting the necessary support for the Open Source Code that you are using for your project.

More than 55,000+ users in different software companies are currently frequenting the PieceX Marketplace in order to get the necessary components and modules for their software projects and cut the time and cost of their software development by 80%.


You have all your Enterprise Resource Planning ready, your team is on standby, and your software components are in place, now is the time to do what you do best! Code!

For more information, make sure to check the PieceX Knowledgebase blog!

Tips on How to Win PieceX OSS Seller Contest

Tips on How to Win PieceX OSS Seller Contest

PieceX Blog How Win Seller Contest

As you all know, PieceX OSS has been released, and with it comes yet another PieceX Seller Contest with a prize pool of $1,000! Since the last contest was a major success and many of you participated (and won), we believe it’s time to give you a few tips on how to win this year’s Seller Contest.

But before we dive in, let’s talk a little bit about the contest. The contest is divided into 3 categories: Open Source Support, Web, and Mobile.

The way it works is, you list your project on the PieceX platform in one of those categories after the start date and the product that gets the most amount of sales after 3 months, wins!

So without further ado, let’s get into some tips and tricks on how to win the PieceX Seller Contest.

Stay Ahead of The Curve

The earlier the better! The contest starts in March and lasts for 3 months, so the earlier you list your project, the longer time you will have to get sales.

So stay ahead of the curve and list as many projects as early as possible to increase your chances at winning the contest and earning the most.

Join in All Categories

Since there are 3 different brackets, if you have listings in all 3 categories, your chances of winning one of them get significantly higher.

Aside from the exposure and earnings you’ll make with every sale in each separate category, when you join each category you compete in its separate bracket and so if you join all, you compete in 3 different contests.

And who knows? Maybe if you work hard enough, you can win all three!

Study The Trends

Let’s face it, like any industry, the Tech industry has favorites. Sometimes people are all about Mobile Games and other times the craze is all over Web Design Temps. The software industry is ever-changing and barely stays in its place.

That’s why it’s very important that you study the current trends and find out which project is currently most needed and demanded by the market. 

This way, you won’t have to put great effort in getting your project out there as its content will already sell itself.

Advertise Your Project

This is the most important part of the process. Like any functional and successful marketplace, PieceX does its part in featuring some products and giving users an algorithm based on their choices and searches.

However, like any marketplace, PieceX’s advertisement stops at that. It is very important that you advertise and market your product using your own means.

You can start by reaching out to your respective audience. For example, if you are offering Open Source Support, then it’s important to spread the word to the developers currently using your Open Source Code and to spread the word in the Open Source Community.

Social Media is also a very strong weapon. If your company has a page on Facebook or a Niche Subreddit, you can always tell people that your Mobile App is up for sale on PieceX

This way you will get the word out about your product and you will manage to get as many sales as possible.

Start Now

Don’t wait! The contest is up and this is finally your chance to make use of all the Source Code you spent hours and days developing, make money from it, AND get a reward.

What are you waiting for? The PieceX team believes in you.


Trending Game Templates To Jumpstart Your Game Startup

Trending Game Templates To Jumpstart Your Game Startup

In the Software Development sect, Mobile games are currently one of the most in-demand and profitable ventures in the world.

Everyone from young to old is constantly downloading and playing mobile games at their homes, their office, even their transportation.

iOS and Android game libraries are constantly developing and new things keep showing up every moment, and so the PieceX Marketplace (the first AI powered marketplace for buying and selling Source Code) is full of great game templates that can be customized into your own classic game.

Here are 5 trending templates in our PieceX Marketplace that we believe could help you jumpstart your Game Startup.

Frontline Army Commando War Battle Template

This shooter game template is very popular these days. With the rise of PubG and Fortnite Mobile, shooter games have become one of the most commonly played games in the market.

This customizable and reskinable endless shooter game has many different styled missions ranging from all out battle to assassinations, giving it great dynamic gameplay and making it a very good base to start your Game Startup.

That’s why it’s an important product in the PieceX Marketplace.

Stickman Shooter Zombie Game Unity Template

Engaging 2D games are incredibly fun and trending at the moment. You can find this Zombie Stickman 2D game in the PieceX Marketplace. It is developed on Unity and is very easy to customize and reskin.

It is also fully integrated with Ad Mob, Share Native, Unity Ads and other ad applications in order to quickly start monetizing your game as soon as it is released.

All you have to do is market for your Game Startup and you are good to go.

Bubble Shooter Game Template

Bubble Shooter is a ready to publish game template of the most popular genre for mobile platforms. You do not need to know any programming language to configure and use it. It is very easy to fill with your own tasks, make UI changes, make more levels , start to gain experience in promoting your game and earning money.

It is built with Unity and is currently available in the PieceX Marketplace, making it a genuine fun easy to play template for your Game Startup.

Draw Road Race Game Template

A game for engaging endless run enthusiasts, this drawing to proceed game is a very strategic and fun template for all ages.

It is an endless on the go game that is highly recommended by the PieceX Marketplace team (Personally tested and highly enjoyed).

You can quickly customize it, add cars, add maps, and run it as your own Game Startup in no time.

Christmas Word Search Game Template

Since before the 50s, people were playing word puzzles in the newspapers and haven’t stopped until now.

With smartphones, people are now enjoying those games with unlimited levels. Make your own Christmas style Word Puzzle game and start earning money from your Game Startup.


Those games and many more are available at the PieceX Marketplace and you can easily browse and pick your favorite at any given time, helping you and your company jumpstart your game startup and make it all the way across the very active software development market.

For more info, make sure to visit PieceX’s Knowledgebase blog.