How To Become A PieceX Affiliate

How To Become A PieceX Affiliate

PieceX believes in opening its doors to users, website owners, companies, and individuals to conduct affiliate mutually beneficial partnerships.

That’s why PieceX has its very own well-developed affiliate program. This affiliate program generates revenue of 10% profit for the first sale made using the affiliate link.

It also provides well-designed free to use widgets made by the PieceX team in order to help affiliates get more sales.

So let’s get into it and walk through how you can become a PieceX Affiliate on the PieceX Marketplace.

Step 1: Create Affiliate Account / Register As An Affiliate

How To Become A PieceX Affiliate - Create Account

First thing first, to become a PieceX Affiliate, you will head over to the PieceX Affiliate Program Page. You can scroll down the page and take a quick look at it in order to have a better understanding of how things generally work.

After you do so (if you want), you will be required to create an affiliate account. You can very easily do so by filling out the form on the page and then verifying your email.

How to become a piecex affiliate - register as an affiliate

If you, however, already have a PieceX account, you will be required to register as an affiliate using your PieceX account. You can register as an affiliate using the Affiliate Program tab on your dashboard by simply adding your website.

Step 2: Access Affiliate Dashboard

How to Become A PieceX Affiliate - Dashboard

After your PieceX Affiliate account is approved, you will get access to the Affiliate Dashboard. This dashboard is extremely useful as it will not only provide you with the link that you will use to start earning, it also automatically gives you the metrics of your link:-

Affiliate Link

You can share and distribute this affiliate link on social media as well as in your business network. Whenever any company/user creates an account using your affiliate link or makes a purchase, it will be attributed to you as per our business terms.

In case someone makes a purchase using the above referral link: 10% of the sales amount for the first purchase will be rewarded to you.


1. Online User Clicks: How many users have clicked on your Affiliate link.
2. No. of Purchases: Number of purchases on PieceX using your Affiliate link.
3. Rewards Earned: Amount of rewards earned.
4. Pending Rewards: Total amount pending to be transferred to your bank account (or any other
payment method).
5. Registered: Number of users who created an account using your Affiliate Code.

Affiliate Network

How To Become A PieceX Affiliate - Affiliate Network

The PieceX Affiliate Dashboard also provide details about your Affiliate Network. This includes who purchased a product using your affiliate link.

Step 3: Insert Widget

How to become a PieceX Affiliate - Widgets

As a PieceX Affiliate, you will have access to our variety of colorful widgets that you can use on your website to further increase sales as well as the revenue you generate. You can select different types of Widgets and copy/paste the HTML code in your website as highlighted above.

Using widgets is a sure way to increase the chances of getting sales and increasing passive revenue.


With this, you will have be part of the PieceX Affiliate Program and you will be able to generate revenue with every click. The work doesn’t stop there, make sure to begin marketing and advertising for your affiliate link in order to increase your income as you go.

For more useful PieceX Tutorials, make sure to visit our PieceX Tutorial Blog.

How to Request Software Source Code on PieceX

How to Request Software Source Code on PieceX

The internet is filled with places to find and use software source code.

At times, developers and business owners may find themselves trying to find software source code for a very specific project. The more requirements you have for your software project, the less chance you have to find it.

The PieceX Marketplace has thousands of software source code projects, however, if your project requirements are very specific, it may be slightly difficult to find the perfect source code project for it. You could potentially find more than one software source code and combine/customize them into one big project.

However, all of that could be a hassle for you, which is why PieceX has made it possible to request software source code from software developers in the community.

Let’s get into the steps you need to follow in order to request the software source code you need!

Step 1: Access “Post Requests”

How to request Source Code on PieceX - Access Post Requests

Once you go to the PieceX Platform, you will be able to find the “Post Requests” option in the header of the website. Click on it and you will be redirected to the page in which you could post a request for software source code.

Step 2: Click on “Add Request”

How to Request Source Code on PieceX - Add Request

Once you are redirected to this page, you will be able to view the recent requests posted by members of the community as well as the active/completed requests.

It is advisable to take a look at those as you may found that someone requested the a similar software source code project to the one you requested.

If you couldn’t find it, Make sure to click on the “Add Request” button at the top of the screen.

Step 3: Post Your Request

Now’s the time to post your request. In this page, you will come across a form that needs to be filled. The form moves as follows:-

Title: This is the name of your request. your title appears in bold at the top of your requests so it is important that it immediately tells what your project is.

Tags: This is the keywords that you tag your request with. It helps software developers find your request amongst other requests. If your tag isn’t already available, you can add your own.

Programming Language: This is the programming language that you request your software source code project to be made with.

Type of Source Code: This shows all the source code types available so make sure to tick the types that are relevant to your request.

Goals & Context: This area is essential as it should include a variety of answers such as what the product will serve and what problem it solves.

Usage: This is the part where you explain what you are going to use the product for and how it will be utilized. This will help different software developers understand what you are looking to do with the project.

Desired Features: This section gives you the option to tick on the features that you require in your software source code request.

Features Details: This allows you to go into further details on your desired features and to freely explain how you want each feature to be as well as any external thing you need potential developers to note in terms of features.

Don’t forget to check the captcha in order to proceed!

Step 4: Track Your Request

How to request source code on piecex - Track your request

After you submit the software source code request, it will appear as the above. You will be able to post comments and respond to comments from developers who are interested in your source code request.

Naturally, other developers would reach out to you and try to connect and ask you for more information on your project, so make sure to give out all the necessary details they need so you can help them finish the project you need.

When other sellers/developers upload a product that fulfills your request and requirements, you will be notified via email.

Step 5: Access Your Request List

How to request source code on piecex - request list

Finally, you can access all the requests you’ve made through the “My Requests” Page on your account. This area allows you to view all your requests as well as track, update, or delete them.


The PieceX Marketplace has made it possible not only to purchase and sell source code on the platform, it also worked to empower the community by allowing users to request the source code they want and sellers to reach out and develop that source code for them, creating an entirely community-run board of source code trading.

This makes it so that if you cannot find the source code you need, you can simply go to PieceX and request it.

Check out the PieceX Knowledgebase for more tutorials.

How to Request Customization on PieceX

How to Request Customization on PieceX

All software source code products at PieceX are customizable, you can adapt them according to your needs by programming or modifying their functions.

If you don’t have the time to adapt the source code to meet your needs, the seller/developer of the product might be able to do it for you!

In that sense, should you want the seller of the software source code to accommodate your particular preferences and expectations such as including new features, functions, or integrations, you can Request Customizations for an additional cost.

Here is a quick PieceX tutorial taking us further and further into source code customization and how it works:-

Step 1: Visit “Purchase History” Page

How to request software source code on piecex

After you purchase the software source code you want to customize, your first step would be heading over to the “Purchase History” Page.

Step 2: Click on “Request Customization”

How to request source code customization on piecex

Next to the product you want to request a customization for, click on the button “Request Customization”. 

This should take you to a separate page through which you’d be able to insert details of your source code customization request.

Step 3: Add Customization Details

How to request software source code customization

As soon as you get to the details page, add in detail what you want the seller to update/modify/add. Be as specific as possible and describe the functions and technical aspects if possible.

Insert your estimated budget (approximate) in the blank space below. Please notice that the final price will be defined by the seller.

Click on “Request a Quote“. This will send the details to the seller. Make sure to wait until you receive the seller’s response and the seller’s quote with the detailed terms of the customization and the final price.

Step 4: View Customization Request

View request how to submit software source code customization request

Once you submit your software source code customization request, you can use view that request at any time by going to the “Customizations” Page and clicking on the “View Request” Button next to the request.

View request how to submit request

This will show you the details of the software source code customization request you have made as well as the current status of it.

In the above example, we see that the status is “Request Received” this means that the seller has not yet responded with a quote that establishes the amount he desires for said customizations.

You can also track that from the “Project Progress” section on the bottom right to see whether a quote has been received yet by the seller or not.

Step 5: Receive & Inspect Seller Quotation

How to customize your software source code on piecex

When you get the quote from the seller you will be notified via email or through the notification icon on your PieceX account as shown above.

Please visit your “Customization Page and click on the “View/buy” button to check the details of the seller’s quote. 

how to submit customization request on piecex

Once you get to this page, make sure to read the terms and conditions that the seller provided for the software source code customization request to know the specific aspects included in the customization. To proceed with payment, please click “Proceed With Payment” to add the quote to your cart. 

Step 6: Proceed With Payment

how to submit customization request on piecex

Once it is added to your cart, you will proceed to the cart page and see the following. Make sure to note that all customization must be added individually to your cart. 

If you wish to buy other products, please first proceed with the payment of the customization and then add the products to your cart. 

how to submit customization request on piecex

Once you get to the shopping basket, you can take this chance to apply any Coupon Codes you have in the Coupon Codes section and click on “Apply Coupon” once you do.

You can also use this chance to make use of your points! If you don’t have enough points, then this will be your chance to get more points with your software source code customization purchase.

Once you are done with all of those, you can choose PayPal as your payment method and proceed with the payment by clicking on “Buy Order”.

how to submit customization request on piecex

Once your payment is authorized by Paypal you will receive an email and the details of your order.  You will also be taken to the above page and you will be able to see the purchase you’ve made in the “Purchase History” Page. 

The status of the payment will appear as “pending” until the seller uploads your source code customization and you can visit your Customizations Page to check the deadline and status of your customization.

Step 7: Download Customized Code

how to submit customization request on piecex

After around 20 days, the seller should complete the implementation and handover the new code, and you will receive an email notification with that when its done.

 You can track progress from the Customizations Page as well as check its status at any time. For example as shown in the picture above, the status of this project is “In Progress

how to submit customization request on piecex

You can dig deeper into the status by getting into the actual customization request page and you will be able to track the progress in detail through “Project Progress” on the bottom right part of the screen.

how to request customization on piecex

As soon as the status of the software source code customization request is complete and the code is uploaded fully by the seller, you can access the customized code through the same page.

Please access your PieceX account to download the customization. You will be prompted to approve or reject the contents of the customization. You can download the source code by clicking on the link located in the popup window.

Click “Yes” to approve the customization and finalize the customization process and your customization source code will also be available on your “Purchase History Page”, ready to be downloaded and used!


It is not common to find a good marketplace for software source code customization, and that’s why PieceX has made it one of its goals to offer up source code customizations as a service, allowing sellers to monetize some extra work as well as allowing buyers to request customizations on the source code they purchased without having to deal with all the hassle of actually customizing the source code themselves.

How To Buy Software Source Code on PieceX

How To Buy Software Source Code on PieceX

Software source code is one of the most in-demand products in the software industry. According to various statistics, it has been determined that owning ready-to-use software source code can cut down development time and cost by up to 80%.

PieceX is currently one of the top marketplaces that can be used to buy software source code. The marketplace has a massive library of Software components and products, all spread between different categories and industries.

Buying Software Source Code can be relatively challenging, and so, the PieceX team will take you on a quick walkthrough on how to buy software source code from the PieceX Marketplace.

Step 1: Go To “Buy Codes”

Click on Buy Code - Buy Software Source Code on the PieceX Marketplace

The first step of the process is simply to click on “Buy Codes” from the PieceX Homepage. You can also simply press here.

This will take you to a page in which you can browse the wide variety of software source code listen on the PieceX platform by thousands of sellers.

Step 2: Navigate Product Catalog Page

Navigate Product Catalog Page - Buy Software Source Code on PieceX

To buy software source code, you will need to know what kind of source code you need for what industry. Having an idea what you want to purchase will most definitely help you pick the correct software components for your project.

In the product catalog page, you will have access to tons of different projects which you can filter by industry, programming language, and tags. This filtration system will help you view and buy software source code most relevant to you.

You also have the option to use the above search bar in order to search for the kind of project you want and you will get relevant results among all the software source code listed on the PieceX Marketplace.

An example we are using in this article is if you search form “HRM App“.

Step 3: Find Product

Find Product on PieceX - How to Buy Software Source Code

The result of the search should look something like this. Once you find the product most relevant to your search, you can then click on it, and you will be taken to the Product Page.

Step 4: Go To Product Page

Product Page - How to Buy Software Source Code on the PieceX Marketplace

Clicking on the product image will take you to the product page. Once you get to the product page, you will be able to take a look at the product details, the code insights, the user guide documents, and the live preview & video (if available).

Product Details: This normally includes all the details that explain the product as well as what it’s used for and how it should function and what exactly the product is.

User Guide Document: The User Guide is essential to explain the ins and outs of the project. Before you buy software source code, you should make sure to read the user guide to make sure that it fits the needs of your project.

Screenshots: Pictures of the inner look of the project/app with all its different features from the inside. This helps buyers understand how the project looks and make a decision to purchase accordingly.

Video & Live Preview: If the seller listed a video or a live preview of the software source code, it can be watched to see a real-time application of the project.

Code Insights: A page or section of the code is provided by the seller that can be viewed by the buyer to check the code and have an idea how it looks like.

Code Insights- How to buy software source code on PieceX

It is very important to look at all those things before you buy software source code.

Step 4: Click on “Add To Cart”

Add to Cart - How to Buy Software Source Code on PieceX

After you’ve checked the product page and chose to move along with this software project, you can simply click on “Add to Cart” and you will  be transported to the cart page.

Cart Page - How to buy software source code on PieceX

Once you get to the cart page, you will be able to view your entire basket. You can then choose one of two options, either continue browsing and adding more software source code to your cart, or simply click on “Checkout”.

Step 5: Buy Software Source Code

Purchase Source Code - How to buy software source code on PieceX

To finally buy the software source code you have chosen from the PieceX Marketplace, you will have to select your payment option and then click on “Buy Order“.

If you have a coupon or a promo code, you can apply it straight into the coupon box. Once you put the code down, click on “Apply Coupon” and it will automatically reflect on the final price.

You can also use your points in the box below. Points are generated from purchases that you make on the PieceX Marketplace.

Step 6: Pay Using Chosen Payment Method

This can go one of two ways:-

Payment Using Credit Card

Credit Card Payment - How to buy software source code PieceX

If you choose to pay with credit card, you will be taken to this page that will include the credit card payment procedure. Fill out this information and click on “Pay” in order to finalize the transaction.

Payment Using PayPal

PayPal Payment - How to buy software source code on PieceX

If you choose the PayPal payment option, you will be taken to this page. You can Add your card and then click on “Continue” to proceed with the payment.

Step 7: Download Code

Download Code - How to buy software source code PieceX

Once you finalize the transaction, complete the payment, and finally buy software source code, you will be taken to the “Purchase Complete” Page. Within this page, you can immediately download your code and begin building on it.

After you download your software source code, you can click on the “Purchase History” button in order to view all the purchases you have made on the PieceX Marketplace.

Step 8: Review Purchase

Purchase History - How to buy software source code on PieceX

Once you go to “Purchase History“, you will be able to view the download count and you will also be able to do the following:-

Download Code: If you click on the green circular icon, you will be able to download the code as long as it is within your download count limit.
Download User Guide: You can also download the user guide by clicking the red icon and read it at any time with just a simple click.
Report Product: If you face any issues with the product, you may report it by clicking on the flag shaped icon.
Review Product: If you click on “Review“, you can write down a review on the product and discuss your experience with it.
Request Customization: You can request customization for your project from the seller for a price, asking them to make modifications and customizations for the code you purchased.

In addition to that, if the product allows the “Extended Support” feature, you will be able to pick it as one of the options. The Extended support feature will allow you to view the different plans that the seller is providing including what kind of support will be provided if you purchase the monthly subscriptions.

You can know more about extended support from here.


Buying vetted and inspected software source code is a rarity in today’s current market as most sourced software is either compromised, unsafe, or buggy. The PieceX QA team makes sure to inspect every single product before allowing it to be listed onto the marketplace.

With that said, you can find out way more about how PieceX works by visiting our FAQs or reaching out to our friendly support team through our email: