Trending Game Templates To Jumpstart Your Game Startup

Trending Game Templates To Jumpstart Your Game Startup

In the Software Development sect, Mobile games are currently one of the most in-demand and profitable ventures in the world.

Everyone from young to old is constantly downloading and playing mobile games at their homes, their office, even their transportation.

iOS and Android game libraries are constantly developing and new things keep showing up every moment, and so the PieceX Marketplace (the first AI powered marketplace for buying and selling Source Code) is full of great game templates that can be customized into your own classic game.

Here are 5 trending templates in our PieceX Marketplace that we believe could help you jumpstart your Game Startup.

Frontline Army Commando War Battle Template

This shooter game template is very popular these days. With the rise of PubG and Fortnite Mobile, shooter games have become one of the most commonly played games in the market.

This customizable and reskinable endless shooter game has many different styled missions ranging from all out battle to assassinations, giving it great dynamic gameplay and making it a very good base to start your Game Startup.

That’s why it’s an important product in the PieceX Marketplace.

Stickman Shooter Zombie Game Unity Template

Engaging 2D games are incredibly fun and trending at the moment. You can find this Zombie Stickman 2D game in the PieceX Marketplace. It is developed on Unity and is very easy to customize and reskin.

It is also fully integrated with Ad Mob, Share Native, Unity Ads and other ad applications in order to quickly start monetizing your game as soon as it is released.

All you have to do is market for your Game Startup and you are good to go.

Bubble Shooter Game Template

Bubble Shooter is a ready to publish game template of the most popular genre for mobile platforms. You do not need to know any programming language to configure and use it. It is very easy to fill with your own tasks, make UI changes, make more levels , start to gain experience in promoting your game and earning money.

It is built with Unity and is currently available in the PieceX Marketplace, making it a genuine fun easy to play template for your Game Startup.

Draw Road Race Game Template

A game for engaging endless run enthusiasts, this drawing to proceed game is a very strategic and fun template for all ages.

It is an endless on the go game that is highly recommended by the PieceX Marketplace team (Personally tested and highly enjoyed).

You can quickly customize it, add cars, add maps, and run it as your own Game Startup in no time.

Christmas Word Search Game Template

Since before the 50s, people were playing word puzzles in the newspapers and haven’t stopped until now.

With smartphones, people are now enjoying those games with unlimited levels. Make your own Christmas style Word Puzzle game and start earning money from your Game Startup.


Those games and many more are available at the PieceX Marketplace and you can easily browse and pick your favorite at any given time, helping you and your company jumpstart your game startup and make it all the way across the very active software development market.

For more info, make sure to visit PieceX’s Knowledgebase blog.